In the current episode, Kinajl requests Rakhi’s departure. Rakhi notes that Leela would have blamed Kinjal for Paritosh’s health if Kinjal had been at home. She continues that no male servant paid attention when she inquired for Paritosh. Leela is accused by Rakhi.

They clash with one another. Rakhi claims that Kinjal has the authority to claim that Shahs neglected Paritosh while she was away. Kinjal is not a maid, she claims. Hearing the debate makes Paritosh cry. Samar stared with disbelief.

Rakhi is asked to stop by Vanraj since time is running out. Kinjal can’t handle the torch Leela gave her, according to Rakhi. Leela claims that Kinjal has always been her daughter. Rakhi claims that she is afraid since Shah House treats its family members poorly more than an adversary. Leela and Rakhi are asked to stop by Kinjal. Anupama gives Samar a call. Samar is asked by Anupama if everything is well.

Samar wonders if Anupama would be able to save them. He says everything is OK in a gentle voice. Samar is questioned by Anupama about his low voice. Samar lying Paritosh is speaking gently because he is dozing. Samar is requested to show Paritosh by Anupama.

Before presenting Paritosh to Anupama, Samar fixes him. Paritosh feels that Anupama is necessary, but he cannot be arrogant. Samar is urged by Anupama to take care of himself. He’s her best brother, she says. Samar is asked to keep emailing Anupama images of Paritosh.

Rakhi asks the Shahs why they neglected to look after Paritosh. Since she too works, she queries Leela or Vanraj as to why they haven’t addressed Kavya. Vanraj argues with Leela and Vanraj. As time is limited, Hasmuk requests that no one dispute. Vanraj reaches out to Kavya. In front of Anuj, Anupama’s room, Barkha notices Maya. Maya cloak. Barkha ponders why she thought Maya would be nearby.

Maya believes that she is not afraid of Barkha, but she does not want to confront her. After telling Mohit about Paritosh, Kavya requests that he hurry up and pack. Vanraj gate crashed Kavya’s photo shoot. Vanraj and Kavya argue with one another. Mohit dismissed Kavya. He decides to replace Kavya and holds Vanraj responsible for her failure. Kavya is standing broken. Barkha challenges Maya.

She queries why she was looking into Anupama’s chamber, Anuj. Anuj, Anupama, and Ankush inquire about the situation with Barkha. Maya demonstrates that Barkha is hallucinating due to the adverse effects of sleeping drugs. Anupama tells Barkha to unwind, Ankush. Barkha is asked by Ankush to quit using sleeping aids. Anupama and Anuj are informed about Maya by Barkha. Maya is frozen in place.

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