Kumkum Bhagya 17 February 2023 Written Update

Ranbir starts the episode by peering through Khushi. Khushi approaches Ranbir and sits with his leg in her lap. Ranbir tells her not to cry and promises that nothing will be allowed to happen to her. Laali is given Khushi, and he asks her to take her back to his house. Kaya’s father shows up and invites her over. Kaya goes in quest of Ranbir. Ranbir enquires into his family’s whereabouts and begs them to get back home. Ranbir and Prachi make an effort to save people and journalists who are frightened and fleeing. The frightened oppressors fire into the air.

Two of the psychological oppressors are brought before the Overseers, who order them to put their weapons down. The bomb is being held by another psychological militant, who claims that everybody within two kilometres will perish. You won’t be saved, according to the investigator, if this explosive explodes here. The oppressor throws the bomb and claims that we are walking while clutching our lives. Ranbir leaps and grabs hold of the explosive. Everyone is in awe. The fear monger is persuaded to get in the car by the auditors. Ranbir looks for Prachi and hands the police officer the bomb.

Written Update Kumkum Bhagya 17 February 2023

Prachi sneaks off. When Kaya approaches him, she asks, “Why did you hold the bomb?” She must follow Ranbir with her hand, he says. He enters the inn and looks around for Prachi. Where did you go, Prachi? he asks as he enters the inn’s kitchen. Prachi, who is in the car, mulls over Ranbir’s accusations. She sobs and thinks that’s why I would have preferred not to travel to this city since I lack the cohesion to endure those lengthy periods of time.

The journalist admits that good has triumphed and evil has failed. Kaya’s father asks her to go with him to their house. Until I see Ranbir okay, according to Kaya, I won’t go. Her father invites her and makes an attempt to take her away. Vikram and Pallavi make an attempt to enter the accommodation, but the police officers stop them and inform them that this is not permissible. When Prachi had saved the woman, Ranbir arrived. The woman explains that she did not save me and speculates that perhaps he saw her in his mind. She also explains that she is a specialist and informs him that he is seeing her in his mind.

She then reviews Prachi, telling her to tell Ranbir a falsehood and say that she was just his creative mind. Pallavi and Vikram ask Ranbir to return home. Pallavi questions why you went inside when there was such a high level of risk. Vikram says we’ll go home and reprimand him. They go away. The woman believes she spoke aloud what Prachi asked her to, but she was unable to confirm whether he confided in her.

At the airport, Priya waits for Prachi’s manager. He claims he lost his bag and would check it later. He enters the car and states that he only needs to meet Prachi. Calling Prachi, he. Prachi claims she is okay and not staying anywhere. I have reserved your place at Joy lodge, he claims. He tells Priya to go down to the mall and pick up a couple gowns for Prachi. Ranbir leaves the bathroom and thinks of Prachi. Tu thodi der performs…. Ranbir questions me about why I keep running into you everywhere, and I’ve talked to you, hugged you, and even engaged in combat with you. He keeps his hands on his ears while considering what is happening to him.

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