Ajooni 24st February 2023 Written Update: Rajveer eludes the thugs

The episode starts with Where is Rajveer, Harman asks Ajooni. She is informed by Ajooni that she really is unsure. According to Harman, Ajooni has been revealed, thus she is carrying out all of this to exact revenge on them. She asks about Rajveer and twists her hand.

Returning are Harvinder and Ravinder. Bebe is taken inside by Ravinder. Tejinder, the father’s illegitimate son, is suspected of being responsible for kidnapping Rajveer, he tells her. She informs him that Tejinder long since left the city. Tejinder would have come back, he tells her.

Ajooni Written Update

Shikha hears them talking to each other. Dolly notices this and inquires of Shikha as to why the latter is agitating the conversation between Ravinder and Bebe. Ravinder notices them. Shikha informs him that she came to inquire about if he has reported a missing person.

He compliments her on her good behaviour. And then he pulls the gun. She claims that this time, she didn’t take any action. He declares that Rajveer is his life and that if Shikha is involved in this, he will murder her. He is reminded by Bebe that Shikha is expecting. She advises him to involve the police in this situation.

Shikha is afterwards questioned by Harsh about her nervous appearance. Shikha informs him that Ravinder has begun to doubt her. What will be their next course of action, he wonders. She asserts that she must live for her child and that she does not want to pass away. He informs her that Rajveer must perish.

Rajveer, on the other hand, wakes up and frees himself from his restraints. He assaults the criminal and queries whether he is Harsh’s guy. Rajveer collapses after being hit from behind by Harsh. He chastises his man for being careless. Rajveer’s game is over, he claims.

Ajooni is asking God why he took Rajveer away from her in the meantime. She begs him to give Rajveer back to her. She asks God to protect Rajveer. She claims that Rajveer is her life, and she will do anything to keep him alive.

After regaining consciousness, Rajveer leaves the area. Rajveer is not often seen. When Ravinder learns anything about Rajveer, he informs his family. Rajveer is still alive, Shikha reminds Harsh while reprimanding him. Rajveer is found unconscious by Harsh. Rajveer follows Ravinder as he arrives there. Shikha hears about everything that Harsh observes.

Rajveer is admitted to the hospital by Ravinder and Harvinder. Ravinder requests Ajooni from Rajveer’s acquaintance. Harvinder is informed that he wants the criminal alive. The doctor informs them that Rajveer’s health is critical. To save Rajveer at all costs, Ravinder demands from him.

Shikha orders Harsh to murder Rajveer in the medical facility. Harsh informs her that if she needs medical attention, she can go go to the hospital, therefore if she wants to survive, she must kill Rajveer. Shikha eventually murders Rajveer and is horrified to see Ravinder there.

Episode is over.

Harvinder promises Shikha that he would kill Rajveer in the precap. Rajveer is in a coma, a doctor informs Ravinder and Ajooni.

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