Anupama 15th March 2023 Written Update:

Anupama soothes Toshu to sleep by singing the bedtime lullaby Dheere Se Aaja Re Nindiya Ankhiyan Me. She attempts to depart after telling him that he will be alright shortly but stops when she sees Toshu holding her pallu in repose.

After freeing it, Vanraj tells Anupama not to worry and to go home while he is still here. He asks Anuj to return her to her house. Anuj removes her while holding her hand. Anupama makes a pit stop at the home sanctuary and begs for help for Toshu as quickly as possible because he is someone’s son, grandson, husband, father, and so on.

In order to deal with Toshu, Leela wipes away her tears and asks her to go home. Anupama departs beside Anuj. When she returns, she informs Maaya that the girl and kitchen are in her care. A sonnet implies, among other things, that a woman cannot give her home and family to another woman. Tiny Anu rushes over to her and tells her how much she loves and misses her. Anupama pamper her and gushes over how much she missed her.

Maaya is eager to see that. The young Anu meets Anuj. Maaya looks through Anupama’s 15-day challenge and tells her that since she was away from home for a few days, she can retake the exam. Anupama thanks her for taking care of her house while she was absent. Maaya declares aloud that her daughter was the reason behind everything she accomplished. Barkha makes fun of Maaya for giving the girl’s father equal consideration with the girl.

Maaya looks her over angrily. Anuj enters with Tiny Anu. Maaya promises to prepare tea for the group. Anuj asks Anupama for her pre-arranged tea because he needs it today. Maaya notices Barkha’s grin. After learning more about Toshu, little Anu asks that she braid her hair. Ankush congratulates her on coming home. They generally missed her, according to Dimle. Maaya becomes more eager after observing that.

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