Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update

Karan is dear to Anjali. Karan interrupts Anjali. How can he get married without her, he wonders. She makes fun of him by joking that he must marry her in order to get hitched. She confesses to him that she fears losing him. She holds Arjun and confides in him her anxieties.

They are able to embrace in front of Preeta. She’s perplexed. She ponders whether Anjali has developed feelings for Karan. Will Preeta discover Anjali’s goals in time? Get on reading.

Rakhi stated earlier in the broadcast that they had proof that Arjun is Karan and that nothing else matters because Karan has returned to them. She claims that she expected Preeta and Rishabh to have a romantic relationship when she got Preeta married to him, but instead they just remained friends.

She reveals that Preeta’s life is once again filled with love. Preeta is blessed by her. She wants her to continue to be content. Servant hears them and immediately alerts Prithvi. Rakhi embraces Preeta.

Every girl should have a mother-in-law like Rakhi, says Preeta. Rakhi claims to be her mother. When Prithvi finds out that Luthras has also established that Arjun is Karan, he is extremely astonished. What is going on, Sherlyn queries.

Prithvi expresses disbelief at his folly, saying they had no idea why Arjun was so taken with Luthras. In his words, Arjun is Karan. She doesn’t think it’s true. He claims that Arjun and Karan’s fingerprints matched, the Luthras have the proof, and someone saved Karan’s life. He declares that he won’t permit Karan to wed Preeta.

Prithvi informs them that only Rishabh is able to assist them. Rishabh won’t be of assistance, in Sherlyn’s opinion. She labels him insane. Rishabh won’t ever assist him in tormenting his brother, she claims. He promises that Rishabh will assist.

She claims that because of how much Rishabh loves Preeta, he will be very sad. When Rishabh cries. He is asked by Sameer what occurred. Rishabh assures that although he occasionally has a terrible day, he is OK. He regrets having failed to manage his business well, investing in the wrong land deal, and endangering Preeta and her family.

He said that Arjun made him feel like family. Sameer calms him down. Waiting for Anjali is Karan. He runs into Anjali.

Why won’t she let him move into the Luthra household, he queries. She questions him as to why he didn’t tell her earlier. She understands that he wants to be with his family and he asks her why she is rejecting their plan. Is she his family, she queries. What’s bothering her, he queries. She warns him to leave her and depart. She is also a member of his family, he says, therefore she is welcome to stay with him.

She is wounded. Anjali is described as childish by Dadi. Obtaining Anjali’s bag She requests that he leave. He claims that without her there, he cannot get married. She queries whether he will wed her, claiming that he cannot get married without her.

He expresses his desire for her to participate in his marriage. She promises to be there, but perhaps he won’t notice her. He invites Dadi to go. Dadi concurs. He moves away. Dadi queries Anjali about her strange behaviour. Anjali expresses her opposition to Arjun’s engagement to Preeta. Rishabh arrives at his workplace. He feels irritated.

He hoped Preeta had heeded his advice and declined to wed Arjun. He wants to honour her choice. Preeta is an individual with the right to make her own decisions about her life, he says, thus it is her life. As soon as he thinks of Preeta, he becomes insane.

Preeta discovers Karan dozing off. As soon as she walks in, she turns to leave. As soon as he awakens, he informs her that she can ask him anything because he isn’t a horrible person. She explains that she came to check on his status as awake. She requests that he go to work. He announces that he is taking a break. She shares a brief conversation with him and thinks of Karan.

She is given access to Kavya and her image in his wallet. His claim that Kavya is his daughter sticks in her mind. She sheds tears. Rishabh exits his workplace. Sherlyn calls and Prithvi answers. He observes Rishabh carefully. She is informed by him of his essential work. He disconnects.

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