Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update

The Kundali Bhagya January 30, 2023 Written Refresh Gift from Karan Prithvi wants Rishabh to transfer all the property documents to Preeta and get Arjun to sign them. He claims that once Arjun signs the documents, everything would be good for the Luthra family, their work will be over, and Preeta won’t have to forgo anything by getting married to Arjun.

He tells Rishabh to cheat in order to annul Arjun and Preeta’s marriage. Rakhi is informed by Karan that he will wed Preeta, that he will do everything for her, and that he is prepared to give Preeta his property and other assets. Karan’s wonderful pre-wedding present surprises Preeta. Get on reading.

In an earlier episode of the show, Karan values Rakhi highly and tries to make her happy. He cites Rakhi’s decision as the ideal. Rakhi becomes joyful. Karan announces that he needs to take a critical call. Mahesh and he collide, but he stops Mahesh from falling. Mahesh is in his care. Mahesh also shares recollections of his kid. What is Arjun doing, Anjali queries.

The designer is expelled by Karan. He is invited to speak with her. Rakhi queries Mahesh about his perception of Arjun as Karan. She forces him to speak. Mahesh reveals that he shared Mahesh’s belief that he is their Karan since Rakhi had been encouraging him to think so. She implores him to quit suppressing his emotions and pay attention to his heart.

She shouldn’t pressure him to accept Arjun as Karan, he says. He is Karan’s father, according to her. He queries Sameer regarding Rishabh. Rishabh is reportedly too busy at work to come home tonight, according to Sameer. Mahesh explains his absence by citing a job deadline. Arjun is questioned by Anjali about his motives. The same question is posed to her by him.

Every time she visits Luthra’s residence, he claims, she acts strangely. His family is called. She is her best buddy, he claims. Anjali expresses her desire to keep him. They embrace and enter Preeta’s line of sight.

When Preeta observes Karan and Anjali hugging, she becomes envious. Anjali won’t lose him, says Karan; he will always be there for her as a friend.

He is forced to make a pledge by Anjali. He would say that he will try his best because he says that promises are meant to be broken. Around, Preeta is visible. Rishabh is depressed. He remembers the closeness of Preeta and Arjun. Even Rakhi thinking Arjun is Karan bothers him. After Rishabh comes Prithvi.

Rishabh’s accident is brought on by Prithvi. Rishabh sustains damage. To assist Rishabh, the people rush. Prithvi completes his duty in part. He makes a visit to Rishabh. Rishabh is brought home by him. Sherlyn challenges Prithvi, saying that if he doesn’t understand, he is inviting trouble. The doctor is his friend, according to Prithvi.

He continues by saying that after the doctor gave Rishabh a medication injection, the latter will now sleep until dawn. She inquires about his strategy. Rishabh will be aware that Arjun is not Karan, so he advises her to hold off until the morning. She claims that Luthras has the evidence. Rishabh would help them block Arjun and Preeta’s marriage and will help them get Arjun and Anjali married, he claims, adding that he also has a proof that will refute all the others.

Karan travels to meet Preeta in the interim. She seems upset to him. What occurred, he wants to know. She claims to be fine. She is prompted by him to acknowledge her jealousy. He admits feeling this way. She labels him incorrect. He claims that envy is healthy since it demonstrates how much someone loves the other person. He enquires about her affection for him.

She can still see Karan. He praises her attractiveness. When she anticipates him to acknowledge that he is Karan, she starts to sob. The following day, Prithvi notices Sherlyn glancing at Rishabh and asks if she is in love with him. He develops jealousy. She is asked to prepare breakfast.

She heads out to get groceries. Rishabh is roused by him. He claims to have protected Rishabh from the collision and says that Rishabh is safe. When Rishabh finds out he is at Prithvi’s house, he immediately wants to leave. Prithvi tells him to relax and not worry.

He acts as if he is saving Rishabh. He claims that Arjun was to blame for the mishap. Against Arjun, he fills Rishabh’s ears. He is not believed by Rishabh. In order to have a clear path to marrying Preeta, Arjun wants to kill Rishabh, according to Prithvi. Arjun wants Rishabh out of his life, the speaker explains.

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