Faltu 12th March Written Episode Update

Beginning with Faltu’s arrival to meet Ayaan, the episode. She notices Charan approaching. Charan is displeased. Ayaan apologises and says, “Ask her the truth,” adding that she had her make me call you and that I had to tell you about Sindoor. She is prompted to be honest by Charan. I want to know the sindoor truth, he claims. Whoa, Ayaan got Charan there, Tanisha queries.

They have a lengthy conversation when Kanika confirms it. Tanisha claims that she is aware of the question he would pose: He will ask Faltu to be honest with her father because he wants her to understand that, if he knows all, then… Kanika claims that we must work out our plan tomorrow and that we must not wait for Ayaan and Faltu to depart.

The truth is what Charan and Ayaan ask Faltu. Ayaan remains silent, becomes calm, and sits. I didn’t come here to sit, says Charan, so be honest with me. The fact, according to her, is that because I didn’t know how to get saved when I fled from Pappu that night, I filled the sindoor in my maang to inform him that I was married. She tells them lies. Well Faltu, you built a nice story, but it’s impractical, so tell the truth, says Ayaan. Kanika and Tanisha show up.

Tanisha claims that it might be true because we make such decisions when we’re in a hurry, and she did what she thought was correct. Faltu affirms that she discovered that method of escape. By calling Charan here, she chastises Ayaan. Charan halts her. She responds, “No, I’ll ask him how he become so callous that he didn’t care about someone’s life, and what would we do if something happened to Charan.” Tanisha is asked to take Ayaan home. She invites Ayaan to go.

Faltu promises to uphold your confidence. Her dad will wait while Kanika urges her to leave and finish the exercise. Faltu anticipates my return in a while. Ayaan expresses regret to Charan. He advises trying to understand what is going on in her head in order to avoid becoming as astonished as I was when he discovered the truth. Ayaan and Tanisha depart.

He remembers what Faltu said. We have a flight tomorrow, we are going on our honeymoon, what good is it if your mind is locked here, she wonders, so why would she lie to her dad. She then advises blocking that number and moving on.

She claims that I didn’t coerce you into continuing your desire to be with me after we were married. He says I desire, but I’m troubled by this issue; until it’s resolved, I won’t be in a relationship with her. Really, I trust you, she asks. Faltu apologises to Charan for not having the time to speak with him. She requests that he return to the community. No, he says; Ayaan is after you; I’ll find somewhere for you to stay; and I’ll speak to Gaikwad. She requests that he take care.

He departs. Vishal observes. She leaves for the workout. Aashayein….plays… She’s trained by Vishal. The females produce a video. Packing her bag is Tanisha. You will soon hear the wonderful news, according to Kanika. Tanisha replies I believe you, and Ayaan adds he doesn’t see Faltu’s life falling apart. Assuring that everything will be okay, Kanika. Ayaan shows up and assists Tanu with packing. Sid observes. Faltu dips her leg into the inviting water.

She is asked by the girls to visit Vishal and buy some medication. No, she replies; I should go outside and sit in the fresh air; it’s not a good idea to go to anyone’s room at night. She leaves. She sobs as she remembers everything. When Vishal arrives, he asks her whether everything is okay. Yes, she answers. Your life is dramatic, he claims. Are you waiting at this intersection because of Ayaan, she queries.

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