Anupama 20 March 2023 Written Update:

Shah women enjoy pool parties where they may swim. As Anupama finds Leela unhappy, she inquires as to what Barkha said. Leela says nothing at all. Anupama claims to have known Leela well overall and to have read her face for a considerable amount of time over a paper.

Leela claims she felt terrible when Barkha made fun of her for applying jasmine oil to her hair, which she had done since she was a teenager. She claims that senior citizens should be kept at home instead of being transported to a resort in order to favour younger people; she was unable to accept Barkha’s mockery of her following a call with Ankush.

Everybody has good and bad qualities, according to Anupama, who cites Leela’s knowledge of numerous herbal remedies and her status as a compounded as examples. Leela advises her to just state “a specialist.” Anupama tells her that although she frequently called Barkha a bare-backed jetani and disapproved of the way she dressed, Barkha never took it seriously; Anupama urges Leela to learn how to accept criticism in a humorous manner even though she as harshly criticises other people.

She replies that since they will be fighting at home anyhow, let’s enjoy ourselves here and unwind. Leela claims that she is anxious about the kitchen mess that needs to be cleaned up by men.

Guys discuss the mess they caused in the kitchen while making dinner plans. GK and Jignesh discuss how difficult cooking is and how women put up with all of the difficulties with hardly any complaining. Leela expresses her concern for Pakhi and investigates how well Pakhi deceives Vanraj in conversation.

She looks at how young women misuse opportunities while their mothers and grandmothers watch out for any transgression. She claims that Pakhi’s youth would cause her to make mistakes, so they will be on the lookout. Anupama believes Leela is on point. The Aaj Blue Hai Paani song is a pool party favourite among all the ladies. Pakhi and Adhik enjoy a drink in a retreat room.

Women assess how awful their meal was after eating it and how much they scrutinise housewives and chefs in restaurants once they are full. Anuj declares that he thinks someone ought to sing, at which point he starts singing. Hasmukh claims that while he is a lousy singer, he is a good writer. Vanraj must sing, according to Anuj, who claims he can sing better.

He sings the song from Yeh Shaam Mastani. Women enter a room and organise a game of truth or dare. Anupama leaves the house to make a quick decision for Pakhi. She makes a landline call to Pakhi at the resort and inquires about her return date.

Pakhi says impolitely that she will when she finishes her task and hangs up the phone. Adhik accepts that he forgot to bring their ID cards to the event but appreciates having pasta with her. Overreacting, Pakhi wonders what they will do next. Adhik suggests that we collect it as we head home.

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