Kundali Bhagya 17th March 2023 Written Update

Preeta is saved by Karan Preeta observes Karan and Rishabh become friends. When Karan notices she is in danger, he yells to warn her. Running to save her, he. Preeta is likewise shielded by Rishabh. How dare the goon attempt to harm Preeta, Karan asks the goon.

He violently beats the thugs. Preeta remembers the previous incident when Karan had viciously assaulted a reporter. Preeta stops him by calling him Karan. As Karan hears that, he becomes frozen and unsure of how to respond. Rishabh is shocked. Preeta is aware of Karan’s true identity, Karan realises.

Earlier in the programme, Rishabh and Karan express concern for Rakhi. According to Prithvi, Shrishti didn’t summon them; they arrived on their own, are criminals, and have come to the residence to commit robbery. He claims that it is their fault that they are so wealthy, and he has come to steal their money in order to restore balance. The absence of phones from the visitors and family members makes him happy.

He requests that they simply donate all the jewellery without any fuss. They are asked by Rishabh to remain still and put down their weapons. He announces his intention to activate the emergency switch. The switch is inoperative. Prithvi claims to be more intelligent than Rishabh and to know everything. Preeta requests that they stop. Shambu considers her crazy for assuming they will obey her commands.

He is called a coward by Sameer. Men don’t attack by concealing their faces, therefore he commands him to reveal his face. Luthras engages in combat with the thugs. Mahesh requests Rakhi to leave. Rakhi asserts that she cannot put her sons in harm’s way. She hits Prithvi with a coconut. Prithvi misplaces his gun. Similarity strikes Prithvi. When the fight continues, Preeta becomes concerned for the family as a whole.

The episode starts out with Prithvi holding Kritika at gunpoint. Kritika makes an effort to flee. Anjali challenges Karan and requests that he respect their friendship. She considers him to be a favour. He claims that because he loves Preeta so much, he could not have endured anything that might have happened to her. She queries whether he notices anyone else standing in front of Preeta.

What does she mean, he queries. She expresses her deep love for him. Overhearing them, Shrishti becomes perplexed about Karan. Together, Rishabh and Sameer search for Prithvi. Every room in the house is checked. By his discourse, Prithvi charms Kritika and persuades her to become his hostage.

Luthras flees the area to avoid the thugs. Rakhi is asked by Mahesh not to confront the thugs outside. She promises to go get her sons and does so. She requests that Bani halt Mahesh. Before Kareena and Bani, Mahesh and Rakhi get into a fight.

He claims Rakhi is acting strangely. Rakhi urges Kareena to inform Mahesh if they have never engaged in combat with the thugs. She brings up the issues they ran into aboard the plane. Bani praises Rakhi’s bravery. Rakhi is urged by Mahesh not to endanger her life outside. Mahesh is pushed by Rakhi as she exits. Mahesh accompanies her. The people/guests are asked not to relocate by Prithvi. He discovers the missing Luthras.

He requests that Shambu locate them and deliver them to the hall. Find the bride, Shambu commands them to do. The search for a hiding location by Rishabh and Sameer. Asking them to stop, Prithvi. The door is locked once Preeta and Anjali enter the space. When Shambu gets there. He looks for Preeta. The thugs are fought by Preeta and Anjali.

In the hallway, Rakhi and Mahesh don’t notice anyone. She queries whether the thugs have fled. Mahesh claims that the family would have fled to safety. Rakhi meets Rishabh and Karan. Where did Preeta go, she queries. Preeta and Sameer are missing, which Karan and Rishabh are aware of. They form a group and go into a room to conceal. The thugs manage to capture Preeta. By passing the fruit knife to Anjali, she asks her for assistance.

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