Faltu 15th March Written Episode Update

Faltu goes to register at the beginning of the episode. The girl remembers what Kanika said. When Coach Vishal arrives, he challenges her to demonstrate why she is superior to the others. He requests that she take a stand. She apologises. He bowls. The shot is lost by her. He chastises her.

She is told to leave by him. He instructs you to run ten laps around this field as a warm-up. Alongside the group, Faltu runs. What happened to Tanu, wonders Kanika. Tanisha claims that I wish to cut Faltu out of our lives. Kanika advises that because Ayaan is now OK, you two should have a honeymoon.

Tanisha compliments her and thanks her. Ayaan should leave this area, and I will arrange Faltu well here, Kanika says for you. This, according to Tanisha, is the best gift. I’ll phone Ayaan, chat to your family, and make lunch plans with you, Kanika promises. Tanisha contacts Ayaan and requests that she be picked up from the academy because her mother is leaving for an urgent meeting.

Asta has— Has gathering]LAS notedkaufDW My”” Without…””uzi being.”Pol”. He closes the call by apologising to Tanu. Faltu claims I received instruction from Ayaan Mittal. Vishal observes. She asserts that Ayaan is the best coach available. I’ll give you another chance, he adds. Share with me what you learned from your coach. Faltu considers giving her best. She scores a sixer.

Vishal observes. Kanika is astounded by Faltu’s talent as well. She exclaims, “Wow, I had no idea she played cricket that well.” Tanisha claims that her cricket has allowed her to manage Ayaan. Everybody applauds Faltu. As your coach, Vishal says, “Remember what I told you. You will get selected in the Indian squad.” You play well, Ayaan didn’t train you poorly, and you’re welcome to the camp. He gets her thanks. The man visits Kanika. He expresses gratitude for the chance.

You have earned it, she says. Pay close attention to Faltu since she is a special player. Don’t worry, he says; I’ll take care of her. Her spirit and game are strong, and training her will be enjoyable. Faltu updates Charan on his first day of school. Mom says that even though I don’t want to return to Ayaan’s home, I will find a room in the academy hostel.

He advises to do whatever you think is right, and to call me if you need money. Don’t worry, she says; Tanisha has taken care of everything. Why is she assisting you, he wonders. Faltu says, “I believe Tanisha will protect you from harm; take your medications as directed, and I will make financial arrangements for your care.” Come back soon, Faltu, Tanisha urges, and keep up the good work.

Ayaan arrives and encounters them. Faltu departs Tanisha queries how you arrived. I wanted to surprise you, Ayaan says, so come. She promises to introduce you to Faltu’s new coach. Calls Vishal. Vishal greets Ayaan and asks, “How are you? It’s been a while. I just learned that you are now Kanika’s son-in-law, which is good. You stopped playing cricket here, and I’ve become the coach.

Let’s see who gets picked. I met your Faltu, who you trained well even though you weren’t going to touch the bat. How did you teach her? Is she a special student?” He is urged to observe boundaries by Ayaan. Vishal claims that I was joking. Tanisha is asked to go by Ayaan. They go away. Faltu enters the dorm room. She makes an introduction. They invite her to freshen up while acting like sweet chicks. Faltu departs Faltu’s bag is examined. They are permitted to view the sindoor box.

The items were reinserted into the bag. Focus on the plan, she warns, or Kanika will send us packing. I want all the information on this number, Ayaan declares. Tanisha claims that it was a joke. I want to find out who pulled the prank on me, Ayaan claims. I don’t want Ayaan to track down the caller, says Tanisha. Sid frets. She requests his assistance. He considers his options.

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