Dheere Dheere Se 16th March 2023 Written Update

Bhawana and Aanchal paint their room at the beginning of the episode before laying contentedly in bed. The following day, Brij Mohan claims that their Holi party was destroyed due to a woman. Also, he discusses the members of society and Bhanu’s attempt to harm his reputation.

Raghav says nothing. Brij Mohan criticises Raghav. Aanchal begs Bhawana to join them for the Holi celebration in the meantime. She also requests that Jagjivan persuade Bhawana. Bhawana informs Aanchal that she is uninterested and is concerned about the jeers of society members.

Jagjivan begs Bhawana to go to the Holi party with them, claiming that he is her daughter. Bhawana is persuaded. Abhishek becomes joyful. Savita invites Raghav to join them for the Holi party in the meantime. Raghav declines, claiming that he has always let his family down and is thus uninterested. As Savita hears Brij Mohan beckoning her, she leaves the area after pleading with him not to think in such a manner.

Bhawana goes to the Holi festival with Aanchal Abhishek, Jagjivan, and others. Malini, Vidya Amit Aarushi, and Bhanu arrive there. He declares that if Bhawana goes with them, he won’t participate in a Holi festival. In his determination to take Bhawana with him, Jagjivan persisted.

In addition to damaging and stealing their chance to participate in the Holi celebration, Malini refers to Bhawana as a widow. Bhawana decides not to participate in the Holi ritual and invites the family members instead. She is made fun of by Bhanu, who claims he doesn’t want to suffer Jagjivan’s wrath due to her purported sacrifices.

Bhawana begs the family members to join in the Holi celebration even though she had no intention of going in the first place. Malini snarks at her. Malini is joined by Vidya, who adds that neither of them would participate in the Holi festival.

Aanchal advises Bhanu to stop blaming Bhawana for everything, which prevents Bhanu from entering. Aanchal receives a reprimand from Bhawana for her actions, but she stands her ground. As a result of Bhawana becoming a widow, Aanchal makes fun of Bhanu and the other family members.

Amit claims that he will definitely discipline Aarushi if she acts towards everyone the same way that Aanchal did. He is silenced by Aanchal, who warns that if Aarushi sees her parents being humiliated, she won’t keep quiet. Then she invites Bhawana to join them for the Holi celebration. Bhawana yells “No” and reprimands Aanchal before going inside. Malini and Vidya are joyful.

The pooja is performed by the Srivastavs. There is also Shastri’s arrival. The neighbours begin to criticise both families. As Raghav enters, everyone is quieted. Then, after observing Bhawana’s absence, he signals to Aanchal. Bhawana is in the house, Aanchal notifies him. Raghav departs the location. Savita observes this and thinks back to Brij Mohan’s remarks.

From her balcony, Bhawana observes the Holi ka dhahan. When she sees Bhanu Malini and Brij Mohan, she is reminded of their insults and enters the house. Raghav meets Aanchal and Jagjivan. They both express their concern for Bhawana, who is being mistreated by the family members and is being repressed by them.

In the meantime, Bhawana converses with the picture frame holding Aanchal’s image. Aanchal receives her apology for the yell. Here, Raghav explains to Aanchal and Jagjivan how the family treats the ladies, which causes the women to go through all the suffering.

Aanchal claims she is unable to see her mother in this way. Raghav eventually joins Savita. He is approached by Savita, who informs him of the marriage proposal she procured for him. While Bhawana is on the phone, Aanchal shows her a video of the Holi celebration.

Raghav declares he has no interest in getting married again. Savita motions in the area where Aanchal is on the phone with Bhawana and requests that he first see the girl. Savita is misunderstood by Raghav, who is ecstatic. When Savita calls the woman she believed would be a better fit for Raghav, he becomes angry and horrified.

Precap: Raghav asks that Bhanu call Bhawana in his drunken state because he wants to declare his affection for the woman. Bhanu says nothing. Raghav is met by Bhawana holding some paint in her hand, and she commands him to paint her face. Raghav is further encouraged by her to express himself fully. Raghav appears startled.

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