Imlie 20 March 2023 Written Update

Imlie is told not to leave at this time by Arto at the beginning of the episode. She ought to hold off till after his nuptials to Chini. Following the event, she might go. When everyone is doing things as per their wish then he would do the same. When Rupy asks him to reconsider, he responds that his decision is final and that he won’t do so.

Imlie appears dejected, and Akash wonders about how he would respond to Rudra when asked why he spent 50 lakhs on Kia. As Rudra was passing by, Kia abruptly stops him and advises him to calm down. Rudra responds that they shouldn’t discuss money in this context when she wants him to speak with Akash about the financial issue.

Akash compliments Kia on her clever move. Imlie receives a burnt cake from Chini as a joke. Rupy approaches her to speak with her and queries whether Arto is making decisions in the moment. because things were different a few days ago. Chini feels that Arto made a great choice. Rupy need not be concerned.

Chini teases Imlie, telling her that she will be abandoned forever in a few days. She created this cake for her as a congratulations. Imlie starts to cry, and Arto shows up. He gives her a call and inquires about the status of her ongoing plan implementation. In a flashback, it was demonstrated how he scolded Imlie to put on a front for Chini. He asserts that other people can act in addition to Chini. Imlie thanks him while grinning. He claims that she is necessary for him.

Rudra is among them too, she explains as she summons him inside. Rudra makes fun of Arto for acting in front of everyone. Later, Rudra says they won’t make any elaborate plans; instead, they’ll keep things straightforward. Chini claims she enjoys shopping and will accompany Arto to do so.

Arto receives divorce papers from Akash, who advises him and Imlie to sign them as he is getting married to Chini. Kia walks over to deliver it to Imlie when Arto nods. Devika becomes unhappy because everything was destroyed as a result of Imlie’s one mistake.

Shivani argues that since Chini is Arto’s choice, their marriage should have taken place much sooner. He was never a good fit for Imlie. Shivani and Devika are stopped from fighting by Rudra.

When Chini shops at the mall, Arto unintentionally compliments her. She claims that no matter the outfit, she always looks great. She presents him a perfume and compliments it as he fakes a smile. She is advised by an elderly couple to observe his true reaction because it appears he is not pleased. Chini misbehaves with them and urges them to mind their own business.

She claims Imlie used to lecture her in like manner, but she also lies. Chini responds that she is not sorry when Arto apologises to the couple. Kia later instructs Imlie to sign the documents that Arto sent. She begins her theatrics by explaining why she even married Arto. She believes her life is meaningless at this point. She appears to be crying, which makes Kia uneasy. Finally, Imlie signs the documents, making Kia pleased. Arto questions Imlie aggressively as to why she signed the documents as Kia hands him the paperwork.

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