Imlie 19th March 2023 Written Update

Arto asks Imlie why she signed the divorce papers at the beginning of the episode. She claims to have created a phoney sign using invisible ink. He is taken aback when she gives him an example and he says as much. He says with a smile that he actually believed she was leaving him.

To keep her from leaving without carrying out her plan, he then restrains his emotions and says that it was her plan. She claims to be aware of this and does not wish to leave them in the middle. If he feels bad throughout the wedding rites, she asks.

He gives her a hug and tells her he is with her to expose Chini because he is already guilty of betraying Imlie. He is unabated. She claims that she will start by gathering the evidence against Chini. When she exits, Chini runs into her. Chini praises herself by declaring that Imlie should now sob in the corner because she is being married to Arto and has no other choice. Imlie finds it annoying when Chini cuddles her.

The mattresses are kept outside the house by Imlie and Arto so they may carry out their plan. If it does, he warns Chini. Imlie predicts success this time. To obtain the fake suicide drama film, she goes to the balcony and speaks with a person.

She informs Arto once she has them. Imlie finally prevailed, according to Arto, and he left to dance and enjoy the event. Rudra believes that Arto’s happiness proves their strategy was successful. Chini approaches Imlie at that point and claims to have learned about her scheme.

Arto appears intelligent, but he is not. She claims that while giving Imlie a hug, she was able to smell the perfume that Arto had given Imlie earlier. Chini claims to have seen both of them with the mattresses. She then told Anu. The mattresses are set on fire by Anu. Imlie informs Chini that she shouldn’t hold out hope because Arto doesn’t want to marry her. According to Chini, Arto doesn’t want to marry her, although their families are unaware of this. She would therefore keep doing the ceremonies.

Imlie gives the proof to Chini, who then pushes Imlie from the balcony. She is time-saved by Arto. Imlie is asked by everyone why she fell off the balcony. Chini tells them a fabrication about Imlie trying to commit herself after her drama failed. Everyone is astonished, and Imlie believes she has no evidence to show Chini is telling the truth.

Imlie attempted suicide, so Anu called the police to take her into custody. Shivani claims that it’s best for Imlie to be placed in custody since she might try to commit herself again. Imlie heads out with the police. Imlie tells the police that she didn’t attempt suicide, but they don’t seem to care.

Kia advises Chini not to be too enthusiastic because Arto is not interested in marrying her when she is excitedly applying mehendi to her hand. Arto can’t call off the wedding, according to Chini, because he doesn’t know that she is aware of the reality. She is overconfident, Kia informs her. Chini claims to have a backup plan for any circumstance.

There, Arto confronts the media and responds to inquiries about why his wife attempted suicide. Why does he choose to wed her sister? If Imlie didn’t love her, then why is he living in the house? He is going to say that he won’t wed Chini when she enters and says that Arto just loves her and would wed her.

Imlie won’t be staying with them going forward. They will soon receive evidence of their genuine affection. Since he can no longer cancel the wedding, Arto believes Chini even called the media to announce it.

Precap: Chini and Arto are seated in the mandap. As she loves her, Imlie declares she will stop at nothing to protect Arto from Chini. Chini claims that she also devised numerous plans to win him over. She staged the suicide scene in the same way as she caused the chandelier to fall on Imlie. After hearing Chini’s confession, everyone is stunned.

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