Imlie 18th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie recalls Chini’s statements at the beginning of the episode. What will she do now that she believes she has crossed all boundaries? She hears the news report about Chini’s interview regarding her upcoming nuptials to Arto. Imlie finds it repulsive to witness her drama.

Kia tells Chini that Arto has already departed and is on his way to the police station. Chini claims that Arto has no choice than to wed him. Both of these will be news channel trends tomorrow. Rudra and his attorney converse with the policeman. They claim that they lack proof that she actually tried to take her own life. Police claims that Imlie cannot be released from custody without receiving the psychologist’s findings.

Arto observes Imlie’s melancholy. He approaches her and queries how she is. How did she fall, he wonders. Imlie describes being thrown from the balcony by Chini. Arto loses his composure and declares that Chini would not be spared for acting in such a despicable manner. Imlie prevents him from leaving by stating that Sita Maiya won’t allow her to remain in jail for very long.

In the end, everything will be OK. They don’t have any evidence against Chini, according to Arto. Imlie promises him to remain faithful. Imlie is informed by Sundar that a psychologist will be interviewing her. She prepares herself. If she doesn’t show up before the wedding, Arto asks what would happen. He will still sit in the mandap, according to her.

Imlie responds that she did not try suicide when the psychologist inquires as to whether or not her spouse or in-laws are torturing her. Imlie claims that anytime he is present, she is joyful. The doctor assesses her ability to continue living without him.

According to her, it will be similar to not breathing. She is ready to declare how much she loves Arto, but she stops herself. Imlie is waiting for her report to arrive so she can leave the jail. Rudra urges Arto to put an end to the wedding drama if Imlie doesn’t show up as scheduled while he waits for her to arrive. Arto believes that even though Imlie isn’t present, she still sends Sita Maiya to assist him.

Arto informs Chini that he is unable to wed her. With all of his uncertainties, he is unable to be married. He claims that he is upset with Imlie and Chini for abandoning him just as she was about to wed Abhishek. How can he then think that Chini will make an effort for him? Chini believes that she even staged a suicide drama to win him over. She assures Arto that she adores him and would do whatever it takes to make him happy.

Chini shows up when Arto is waiting for Imlie in the mandap. Arto is seated next to her. Anu tries to tie the bridal knot as Arto is uneasy. Returning, Imlie asserts that she is still Arto’s wife and that Chini is unable to wed a married man.

Imlie is surrounded by media. Imlie, according to Chini, even signed the divorce papers. Chini is astonished to see no sign when Arto hands her the paperwork.

Imlie claims that she adores Arto and would sacrifice anything for him. According to Chini, she too pretended to kill herself to win his love. Imlie should be kicked out of the house, she wished. After hearing Chini’s confession, everyone is stunned.

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