Imlie 17th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie is asked by Chini at the beginning of the episode if she forgot that she simply signed the divorce papers. Arto displays the documents to Chini without Imlie’s signature. Imlie makes fun of her. She deceived her, according to Chini, and she shouldn’t smile. Even Arto helped Imlie through this memory loss crisis, but it’s okay because he no longer cares for her.

Imlie claims that despite not knowing Arto, she still loves him. She gave a lot up for him, and even she orchestrated the drama around his memory loss. Imlie responds by accusing Chini of doing nothing for Arto. Chini loses her composure after telling him she loves him and has done a lot for him.

Hearing that makes Arto pleased. To win him over, she went so far as to stage a suicide. Arto and Imlie’s divorce was organised by her. Imlie was even hit by the chandelier thanks to her. She also pushed her off the balcony. She took all of these actions to wed Arto.

When she makes her confession, everyone is shocked. Chini is asked by Rupy why she attempted to kill her own sister. Imlie claims that she is telling the truth this time. Chini made multiple attempts to kill her, but when her phone cracked, she lost heart and made the decision to carry out the memory loss scenario.

Arto plays the audio of Chini’s confession while announcing that her phone has been found. Sundar queries Chini as to why she victimised Imlie. Since Imlie received all of their love instead of her, claims Chini. Anu agrees with Chini, claiming that since Chini is not a Rathod, all the property was actually given to Imlie and not to her. According to Sundar, Imliya and Aryan gave Chini a decent upbringing, but Anu changed her into Malini. She indoctrinated her and filled her with needless hatred.

Rupy queries whether Anu is now content after taking Chini’s life. If Chini asks Imlie what she wants, Imlie replies. She would have given Chini anything, but stealing was the only solace she could find. Imlie claims Chini is only egotistical. She even manipulated Arto’s emotions by lying to him about Shayara. Rupy gave her entire life to Chini, but the latter didn’t appreciate her.

According to Chini, she is self-centered and will exact her mother’s vengeance in the same way that Imlie’s mother took everything from Malini. Imlie claims that Chini had everything and that Imliya thought of her as her own daughter, but she was unaware of the significance. Imlie claims that today she and her mother will sever all links to Chini. Chini hurls a burning piece of wood at Imlie out of rage.

She is saved by Arto, but her dress is set on fire. She is aware of the reason he saved her, says Arto. Chini is warned not to attack like a coward by Arto. Everyone steps forward to prevent Chini from attacking Imlie any further, including Rupy, Sundar, and Rudra. She is warned that in order to reach Imlie, she must first harm them.

When Chini becomes frightened, Rupy carries her outside. Imlie sobs as she informs Arto and Devika that she should now leave the house because her plan has worked. Arto looks at Imlie as she departs as she is inconsolable.

There, Rupy and Sundar express their sadness at their inability to teach Chini moral lessons while she continued to live in hatred. They shouldn’t hold one another responsible, claims Imlie. She promises that she will go with them. Sundar explains why Imlie can’t give Arto another chance given his recent changes.

Rupy claims that by putting out the fire in her dupatta without considering himself, he demonstrated his feelings for her. Devika is informed by Arto that Imlie just asked him out to force Chini to speak the truth. She no longer loves him.

Devika believes Arto needs to realise that Imlie wasn’t lying and that her words were a genuine expression of her emotions. They ought to start over.

Imlie and Arto do pheras around the holy fire (precap). They make their own vows in a place where no one can intervene or cause a gap between them. One man gets up after pheras and summons Imlie. Dhairya, he claims to be. Imlie observes.

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