Imlie 16th March 2023 Written Update

Arto yells at Chini in the beginning of the episode, telling her that the conversation is over and that he doesn’t love her and won’t wed her either. Chini begs him to give loving her another shot. He asserts that he won’t act as her pawn. He engages in combat with her goons.

He receives a blow from one of the thugs. Upon witnessing Arto’s combat prowess, Chini applauds and orders her soldiers to set up a death trap for Rana. She warns Arto not to go any farther or his family members will start passing away one by one. Chini claims that right now, she feels like a movie villain. Rudra asks God to send help to come to their aid. Ranas are bound with ropes and unable to move.

Imlie reaches out to the IT staff to find Chini’s number. Chini informs Arto that he has no choice but to wed her. So, he shouldn’t have tantrums. He ought to continue to adore her. Arto claims he was previously unaware of Chini’s reality. She orders her thugs to rope up Arto as well. Imlie, she claims, is doing Mangal Karo Maiyan at a temple and won’t be able to save him.

Chini orders his troops to seize everyone’s cellphones and remove their SIM cards. Imlie continues to follow the numbers there. One thugs misses a phone and takes a photo by accident. She is reprimanded by another goon, but they are unable to remove the image because of its intricate details. They burn the phone outside in the Holika Dehen fire. As they see Arto there, Rudra and Devika feel helpless. Rudra warns Chini that if Rupy finds out about her acts, she won’t like them.

If Rupy truly loves her, according to Chini, she will be content after learning of her marriage. Chini advises Arto to concentrate on the now because it is their moment. She claims that she can carry out the ceremonies without a priest. She’ll handle things on her own. Arto urges her to reconsider because he believes he needs some time to come up with a plan to save his family. Chini pulls the rope that Arto is tethered to while bringing pheras. She swears that from now on, she will have the upper hand. He and his money will be under her total control.

For as long as she wants, she will accept his family as her own. She will kill Imlie if she attempts to get in the way of her relationship with Arto. When Imlie arrives in Holika Dehen, a woman advises her to pray to God. Imlie discovers Ginni’s phone there and deduces that Chini disposed of it.

She uses her automobile to get to the godown and believes that Chini cannot harm her family or Arto this time. Chini asks Arto if he doesn’t love his family when he stops moving forward any more. As Imlie arrives, Rana is delighted to see her. Imlie is warned by Chini not to migrate or her family will perish. Chini thinks that Imlie ought to be present for their final phera.

Arto is physically harmed by Chini’s thugs, who then cause him to stoop. Rana’s are startled. The goons’ itching eyes cause them to become distracted as Imlie blows some gulal near the fan. When the rope is loosened, the heavy object is going to fall on Rana. Imlie is aware of that.

Imlie and Arto do pheras around the holy fire (precap). They make their own vows in a place where no one can intervene or cause a gap between them. One man gets up after pheras and summons Imlie. Dhairya, he claims to be. Imlie observes.

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