GHKKPM 20 March 2023 Written Update

Virat is taken aback at the beginning of the episode by the chat and cotton candy that Bhavani has set up. He considers the purchaser. He knocks on the door after hearing sounds coming from Sai’s chamber. Sai asks him why he came when she isn’t getting any food to eat as she opens the door.

You’re hungry, not sobbing, according to Virat. Sai claims to be famished. She takes his candy floss and consumes it. She queries his presence. According to Virat, I’m scared since Bhavani told me you’re sobbing, so I go back home. She doesn’t require his worry or care, according to Sai. Virat claims he loves the mother of his children. Sai informs him that Vinu dumped her food in the trash can while sobbing and that she is receiving hate because of them. What? asks Virat. He claims that he didn’t instill Vinayak with animosity for her.

Sai inquires as to what he did to eradicate Vinayak’s resentment of her. She claims that nobody intervened to alter Vinayak’s opinion of me, but your mother showed up and accused me of damaging your home even though I didn’t. Virat is startled. Sai claims that he is to blame for all of her life’s issues. She claims that because you’re worried about how you’ll react when I remove both of the kids from this home, you didn’t try to calm Vinu’s fears. He sees the door close on her face. Virat observes.

For viewing the solar system, Sai brings a telescope. Savi claims she does not enjoy it. Vinu enjoys it, claims Sai. Savi agrees and dials his number. Vinayak is told by Virat in the room that throwing food is improper. I understand why you’re saying it to me, says Vinayak.

Why did he throw the food, wonders Virat. As per Vinayak, he didn’t. As Pakhi arrives, she tells Virat to stop questioning Vinu. Savi travels there and calls Vinu so they can use their mother’s telescope to view the sky. Everyone observes.

Sai is informed by Savi that Vinu was unable to make it. They start to take pleasure in stargazing. When Sai asks the right question, Vinu and Virat arrive and respond. Sai affirms Vinu’s accuracy. Vinu runs away in dread. Assuring him, Virat invites him to observe the stars. Savi asks if they are aware of star names and replies that she is unaware.

Sai and Virat claim they can’t remember the names and hope someone could. Who knows it? Savi queries. Vinayak promises to tell her. Okay, he’s asked to tell Savi, she responds. With the telescope, Vinayak views the stars and tells Savi all about them.

Sai and Savi are pleased to see them. They witness a star falling. Vinayak requests that Savi make a wish. Sai asks for a happy life with her children. Virat asks Sai to grant him all of his wishes. Pakhi arrives and observes them while in agony.

The following day, the event’s school principal informs attendees that Holi and Women’s Day fall on the same day this year, so we planned a Women’s Day celebration beforehand and invited women from student families. She explains that the first game requires children to find their mothers while wearing blindfolds. Moms and students are prompted to get ready by the principal.

The contest begins. Vinayak and Savi issue a challenge to see who can locate their mother first. When students approach the incorrect people, mothers inform them that they are not their mothers. Vinayak approaches Sai and gives her a hug while calling her mother. Bhavani is content. Pakhi appears startled. When Sai gives him a hug, Vinayak exults that he has won.

Episode is over.

Pakhi ruins Sai’s rangoli in the precap. What is she doing, Sai queries. Pakhi claims I will do the ceremonies as it is my home and not you. Pakhi attempts to produce rangoli but is unsuccessful. Sai corrects her.

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