Dheere Dheere Se 17th March 2023 Written Update

With candy packs in his hands, Raghav enters his home to begin the episode. He is observed by Savita, who queries what he is holding. Raghav informs Brij Mohan that a parent deceived his son for the first time in order to get what he wanted. According to Brij Mohan, Bhawana deserved whatever he had done to her. Raghav asserts that no one deserves to be treated with such contempt, not even Bhawana.

He continues by stating that Bhawana is a widow raising a teenage daughter. If his own family can treat a woman in such a way, what can he reasonably expect from the other families? He continues by saying that the family members are the ones who torture the woman internally rather than externally, and he begs her to keep quiet for the benefit of the family.

He continues by saying that although he decided to assist Bhawana because he believed it was the right thing to do, he never once considered how his family would treat Bhawana. After failing to silence him, Brij Mohan raises his hand, shocking everyone.

Brij Mohan is asked to smack Raghav because else he won’t feel horrible about what he did to Bhawana, which has caused Raghav the most pain. Then he asks Brij Mohan if anybody had mistreated his family member, would Brij Mohan have spared that person but not apply the same standard to others? He adds that he didn’t anticipate this from him and then criticises Swati and Gaurav for doing nothing to halt Brij Mohan’s cruel behaviour.

He goes on to argue that the woman is the enemy of another woman, which has also been demonstrated today. Raghav interrupts Swati as she attempts to talk. Raghav is defending himself in Brij Mohan’s home, not a court, so Brij Mohan asks Raghav to stop. He also refers to Bhawana by her first name only.

The woman’s name, according to Raghav, is Bhawana Shastri. Raghav stops Brij Mohan as he tries to leave, telling him that the debate is still ongoing. He is now Bhawana’s attorney and judge, and he has ruled that what they did to Bhawana was wrong.

Then he claims that Bhawana switched to her Barsati on her own, defeating their attempts to break her since Bhawana is protected by God. Swati is startled. In this passage, Aanchal and Bhawana express their joy at moving to Barsati and realising Deepak’s goal. Bhawana claims she didn’t anticipate Jagjivan’s support for them. She is also reminded of Raghav’s assistance by Aanchal. Bhawana gives Raghav appreciation. She then tells Aanchal to carry luggage up from the basement. Anchal agrees.

Since Jagjivan permitted Bhawana to remain in the Barsati, Bhanu vented his rage and anguish. According to Malini, Bhawana will now soar because she has Jagjivan’s backing. She then inquires as to what action they intend to take. Bhanu asserts that he must take action to win Jagjivan around to their cause.

Aanchal and Bhawana visit the market to shop. When Raghav is discovered there, Bhawana is astonished. Raghav asks Bhawana how she and Aanchal are doing. He goes on to convey his joy at Aanchal’s courageous actions. He also praises Bhawana for her bravery. Bhavna grinned.

Then Raghav apologises to Bhawana for whatever that occurred as a result of his family. Bhawana asserts that he is not at fault, and she also chooses to disregard the opinions of individuals who spoke long ago. Raghav claims he won’t put up with any insults directed at her.

Bhawana becomes perplexed. Bhawana is informed by Raghav that it’s because she’s his friend. He then gives Bhawana a gift, promising to protect her and saying that it will keep a bad eye off of her. Bhawana thinks back to what Maliini and Brij Mohan said. She explains to him that she dislikes it when others make negative remarks about him and begs him to stop doing so and carry on with his life. What about her, Raghav queries. Bhawana observes.

Savita tells Raghav she wants to talk to him, but before she does, she pulls him aside and says she has a girl for him. After being startled, Raghav declares he has no interest in getting married. He then smiles when he notices Aanchal on a video conference with Bhawana.

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