Dheere Dheere Se 18th March 2023 Written Update

Bhawana tells Aanchal at the beginning of the episode that Bhanu will evict them. According to Aanchal, people would battle for their rights because losing fights hurt more than winning ones. She adds that they must struggle to maintain their Barsati.

After that, she carries Bhawana along with all the baggage. Brij Mohan advises Bhawana to reflect on her errors in pitting her sons against one another in this passage. Savita communicates her dissatisfaction with Bhawana as well. Brij Mohan is provoked by Swati to attack Bhawana. While Raghav is sought after by Gaurav’s clients, Gaurav is disappointed.

When Swati learns about it, she becomes outraged and enraged. Gaurav is asked by Brij Mohan to leave everything alone with the assurance that everyone will forget what occurred and things will return to normal in a few days. Gaurav agrees. Raghav is relaxed knowing that he would be home in a short while and is eager to see Bhawana happy.

The family members are delighted to hear that they would start receiving rent as Bhanu proudly displays the Barsati agreement paper to them. Aanchal and Bhawana’s return surprises Malini and Vidya. Bhanu becomes enraged and accuses them of being shameless individuals for daring to go home. According to Aanchal, Bhanu should not feel sorry because today he insulted his own mother, a member of his own family, who the children solely ask for advice from.

She continues by saying that since they won the case, Barsati is now their property. Bhanu warns Bhawana that if Aanchal continues to speak to him in this manner, he would slap her. He is dared to do it by Aanchal, shocking the family members. Together with Dimple and Savita, Swati observes this from the balcony and finds it entertaining.

Deepak was Jagjivan’s son, and it had been his desire to see them in Barsati, Aanchal remembers him. When Bhanu reminds Jagjivan of his commitment, Jagjivan is forced to keep silent. Everyone is shocked when Bhanu performs final rites for Bhawana and Aanchal and tells them they have passed away. Raghav is informed by Dimple of what happened to Bhawana. To save Bhawana and Aanchal, Raghav races to their aid.

Because he also performed Bhawana and Aanchal’s funeral ceremonies, Bhanu requests that they leave the house. Aanchal asks him to smash additional pots, but it will make little difference because they are still alive and will remain in the Barsati.

She also advises that Bhanu do the same procedure alone, startling everyone in the process. Bhanu reaches out to touch Aanchal, but Jagjivan intervenes. Bhanu reminds him of his promise, but Jagjivan responds that it is meaningless now because it is similar to how he carried out Bhawana’s final rites. Aanchal then asks him to think about how he carried out his own promise’s last rites. He then reprimands Bhanu for his actions. Instead of reprimanding Aanchal, Malini asks Jagjivan why he is reprimanding Bhanu. She is cautioned by Jagjivan not to talk when he is speaking.

He continues by saying that Bhawana and Aanchal also have rights in this house, just like they all have. He also makes the shocking threat to throw out everyone who disagrees with his choice, shocking Bhanu Malini and Vidya. Then Jagjivan orders Bhawana and Aanchal to enter the home. He also apologises to them for not speaking up when they were being humiliated.

Bhawana is therefore addressed as his daughter. Bhawana experiences joy and emotion. They are instructed by Jagjivan to begin a new life in Barsati. Raghav expresses his relief and thanks to God upon viewing it. Aanchal and Bhawana cheerfully ascend the stairs. Bhanu considers destroying Bhawana once more.

Aanchal and Bhawana are delighted to be in Barsati. Raghav is credited by Bhawana as the reason their dream came true. Brij Mohan is called out by Raghav for how he treated Bhawana. Raghav is cautioned by Brij Mohan not to dispute with him over that woman. Everyone is shocked when Raghav reveals to him that the woman’s name is Bhawana Shastri.

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