Dheere Dheere Se 22th February 2023 Written Update

In today’s episode, Brij Mohan gets upset and queries what Bhawana and Anchal are doing at his apartment. Bhawana’s in laws also come there. Raghav claims that Bhawana was driven out of her house last night as she gave witness against Bhanu thus he had to give them shelter. Three persons came there. They says that they intended Bhanu to do abhishek at mahashivratri puja but now they have changed their mind.

They ask Brij Mohan to make the puja as he allowed Bhawna and Anchal to stay at their place. Raghav tells about it and urges his father to let Bhawana and Anchal remain there. Brijmohan agrees and instructs him to keep Bhawana and Anchal at servant quarter only. Raghav protests.

Bhawana responds that she is alright with it. Swati wants Raghav to be happy. Abhishek goes to meet Bhanu in jail. Bhanu discovers that no lawyer is ready to take up his case. Bhanu threatens that he won’t spare Bhawana and Anchal after coming out of the jail.

Dheere Dheere Se Written Update

Bhawana assures Raghav and Savita that she will stay there paying rent only. Raghav demands her to pay rupees 2000 every month. Police comes to ask about Anchal’s kidnapping. He asks Anchal if she doubts someone, if Bhanu can accomplish it. Bhawana asks Anchal to say the truth. Anchal says Bhanu can’t do it. Police leaves. Anchal asks Bhawana why she didn’t let her take Bhanu’s name.

Bhawana states that they are family and it’s fine to have differences but not to be revengeful. Anchal understands. Savita appreciates Bhawana. Brij Mohan asks Raghav to conduct arti in puja. Savita states that whoever will do the arti in the puja will stay connected always.

Brij mohan wants to give meals to Bhawana and Anchal at servant quarter as he can’t eat with them. Swati tells Raghav that Bhawana must be disturbed. Raghav cooks Bhawana and Anchal’s favourite foods with the help of Savita and Aarav. Bhawana loves the meals. Brij gets a call and finds that Bhanu got bailed. Arav arrives there wearing a Ganesh mask and says that Bhawana has fashioned it for him.

Bhawana states that he can’t go to temple for Puja as Anchal is sick. Bhanu arrives home and hears that Anchal, Bhawana took shelter at Brij Mohan’s house and Brij Mohan is giving the Abhishek in puja in place of him. Raghav and Bhanu see each other. At home, Bhanu screams out his frustration. Abhishek, Malini try to soothe him. Jagjivan claims that they won’t go for the puja.

Bhanu states that they all will go. Then, Raghav’s relatives attend the puja. Bhawana by chance gets to hear Bhanu’s scheming and revenge conversations while he chats to someone over phone. Brij Mohan performs the Abhishek. Bhawana tries to contact and alert Raghav but fails. She wonders whether she should go to the temple. Shastri and Srivastava family come face to face.

Bhanu claims that it’s the last time Srivastava family is undertaking the Abhishek. Pandit elaborates the significance of maha Shivaratri puja and love of Shiv, Parvati. Raghav thinks of Bhawana. He recalls all the occasions they spent together.

Bhawana continuously contacting Raghav while trying to visit the shrine. Malini stealthily cuts the electricity connection of the shrine. Bhanu tries to cut a rope so that the enormous bell falls on Shrivastava family. Malini hides arti’s plate. Pandit becomes irked. Jagjivan condemns Shrivastava family for being reckless. Pandit asks Raghav to perform the arti. Raghav does the same.

Gaurav fixes the electricity problem. Bhanu stops cutting the rope. Swati feels upset witnessing Raghav doing arti. The bell is going to fall on Raghav. Bhawana comes and grips the rope. Others see her. Afterwards, she stops the Arti plate from collapsing. She and Raghav perform the arti jointly. Raghav realises that he is in love with Bhawana. The story is over.

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