Faltu 22th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu February 22, 2023 Update in writing: Faltu serial update

Ayaan begins the Faltu 22nd February 2023 episode by questioning the blackmailer if he has any evidence to back up his claims.

He is informed by Sid that he has the necessary evidence and that Tanisha, Ayaan’s wife, also is aware of this fact.

Faltu Written Update

Also, he advises him to consider the reason behind Faltu’s abrupt shift in behaviour.

Ayaan also remembers all of Faltu’s previous actions and inquires as to whether Tanisha is aware of the truth.

Later, when there is a lot of noise, Vishal asks the girls why Faltu is sound asleep. The girls respond that Faltu is not used to parties and that she is simply exhausted.

Ayaan is taken to supper by Tanisha after a time.

Ayaan confronts her, asking if she was aware of the charges made by the blackmailer and about them.

Tanisha advises Ayaan to report the caller to the police but refutes all of the allegations.

After that, Tanisha becomes terrified and prepares to go into Sid’s room when Sumitra stops her and informs her that Sid is ill and is taking a nap.

Tanisha informs her that she will just need two minutes because the situation is urgent.

Tanisha discovers him on the bed in his pyjamas as she enters the room.

Tanisha informs Sid of the caller who informed Ayaan that she is also aware of the truth.

Sid reassures her not to worry, though, because his man will soon learn who he really is.

Later, Sumitra shows in and inquires as to when he returned, but Sid ignores her and informs her that Ayaan has become suspicious due to her calls and that he would soon be shown Faltu’s confession video, which will cause him to leave Tanisha.

If they fail to harm Faltu’s job before camp is through, she threatens to ruin their careers.

As Tanisha returns later, she discovers Ayaan’s room is vacant.

Ayaan visits Faltu’s chamber in the meantime and accompanies her to the Mata Rani temple.

Ayaan challenges Faltu to be honest about the sindoor (vermillion) on her hairline and the person who applied it.

As someone else has also seen them here together, he instructs her to swear before Mata Rani and speak the truth.

Tanisha arrives just then and reminds Faltu of all the favours she has occasionally given to her.

In addition, Tanisha warns her that her decision will have an impact on three lives and that she will pass away without Ayaan.

Faltu orders Ayaan to quit bothering her because he won’t be putting Sindoor on her that evening.

Faltu suddenly stirs in her sleep and considers her dream.

The following day, while Faltu is working out in the field, Vishal accuses her of consuming alcohol.

Faltu, however, informs him that she never consumes alcohol and will not do any actions that could endanger her standing at the academy.

Ayaan arrives to greet her at that same moment, but Vishal instructs the peon to tell Ayaan to wait while Faltu is rehearsing.

As Ayaan is away from home, the doctor is inspecting Tanisha before the trip, which leads Tanisha to wonder where Ayaan is.

After an hour and a half of waiting, Ayaan becomes impatient and orders the peon to see what is taking Faltu so long.

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