Faltu 13th March Written Episode Update

Faltu applies the sindoor to begin the episode. She talks to the image of Ayaan and breaks down. The girls approach you and inquire about your conversation. Faltu replies “no,” so I reminded myself of my pledges not to ask me to prepare food ever again. Okay, the girl replies.

Faltu claims he is concerned about his coach forcing him to quit the institution. The girl responds, “No, he’s really glad that you play well and cook fantastic well; he’s allowed us to have a party tonight, and we shall party because of you.” Faltu replies, “No, I’ve got to concentrate on practise; I won’t join the party.” The girl is adamant.

Savita claims that the maid is unaware that your photo has been removed from the frame. It’s fine, says Ayaan. Maybe it was replaced, Tanisha speculates. She wonders where the photo will go because this has never occurred before. Call is made to Ayaan. Does anyone know where that person lives? he queries. The man talks about the owner of the SIM.

Find the location of his call, says Ayaan. He claims that Mittal House is where it was done. What and how is this possible, Ayaan queries. The dude claims it’s accurate and he’ll call you if he learns anything else. The caller is smart, Ayaan tells Tanu. Did Faltu make the call, she queries. He asserts that she would have called from a distant area, not our home, and that everything about this is absurd.

He claims that when I asked him about his friend after overhearing Sid and Sumitra chatting, he said it was embarrassing and that I would find out who this was. She begs him not to take it personally. Party time, the girls declare. The drinks are obtained. They waltz. Faltu observes. Vishal goes to look at the stock. Faltu’s drink is laced by the girls. Faltu is made to dance.

The song is audible to Vishal. Tanu chastises Sid. She claims that you ought to have altered your mobile location before telling Ayaan about Faltu’s sindoor, that you must have thought Ayaan was stupid because he can’t find you, that I’m sick of believing you, and that you are deceiving me by doing this in order to bring Ayaan and Faltu together. Sid sobs. Faltu sips the beverage. She is lightheaded.

Sid claims that despite my best efforts, you continue to cast suspicion on me. I apologise for having believed you to be a trustworthy friend and expecting your support. Faltu is told by the females that Vishal is providing extra coaching. Sorry, Tanu says, that wasn’t my fault. You always question me, according to Sid. No one is aware of this, she says, so please stick with me; it won’t happen again. He responds, “Okay, I’ll give you a week. I promise to collect the caller’s information.

I’m not related to it. After a week, we’ll talk about our friendship.” I don’t need any proof, she admonishes, so calm down. He requests that she just go. The girls say that Faltu has impressed Vishal, and that he will train her as she trains us. Faltu is asked by the girls to go speak with Vishal. Faltu promises that we will speak in the morning. They ask her to go immediately.

Faltu doeszes off. I must call Ayaan today, according to Sid. If your whereabouts is tracked then, Sumitra queries. Sid says I’ll call him and go a long way because it might be our last opportunity to tell Ayaan the truth, so I’ll take care. When Vishal enters the girls’ room, he inquires as to what is going on. Faltu is seen napping, and everyone is having a good time.

The females fret. Dialing Ayaan is Sid. You disregarded the important news, he claims, because you don’t believe me. Faltu denied it, but Ayaan swears it’s true. He requests evidence. Sid questions Ayaan, “Did you trust her? You’ll soon have proof, and your wife is aware of this fact.” Be wise and consider why Faltu changed her demeanour and became unpleasant to you, Ayaan.

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