Kundali Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update

Wedding snarl-up Preeta and Karan are getting hitched. Once more, Karan is with his beloved Preeta. Yet this is not acceptable to fate. Prithvi is an impediment in the wedding because of fate. In disguise, Prithvi enters the Luthra home. His identity is concealed. Rakhi is quickly taken hostage at gunpoint after he fires in the air. He makes death threats towards Rakhi.

Rakhi’s safety scares Rishabh and Karan. Karan rushes to save Rakhi and leaves the mandap. Preeran’s joy transforms into strain. Anjali is ecstatic to see Prithvi wrecking havoc in the home. Insanely chasing the Luthras, Prithvi threatens to murder them.

Preeta is told by Anjali to avoid Karan. Preeta is in danger from Prithvi and his thugs. Preeta is not saved by Anjali. She visits Arjun and declares her love for him. She learns from Karan that she simply adores Preeta. He claims that Anjali is only his buddy, and he only cares about her in that capacity.

Rushing to engage Prithvi and the goons in combat are Rishabh and Karan. Prithvi is determined to prevent Karan and Preeta from getting married. Prithvi is ordered to capture Anjali by force by Anjali. She knows Arjun will come to her aid. She requests Prithvi’s assistance. Prithvi reveals his identity. He says that while he accepts her situation, she must aid in their escape. To end the marriage, they work together. What will occur after that? Get on reading.

Prithvi makes a valiant effort to persuade Rishabh earlier in the programme. Rishabh avoids being caught in his trap. Shrishti destroys the ornaments as an act of rage. Rakhi and Kritika inquire after Shrishti’s whereabouts. Shrishti declares her desire to call off the union.

She is asked to act responsibly by Kareena. She describes Shrishti as foolish. Preeta is instructed by Rakhi to prepare for the wedding. Preeta is asked by Shrishti not to wed. Kareena states that she shares Shrishti’s viewpoint. Arjun is not a good person, according to Kritika, and he is bad news for the family. Preeta encounters a problem.

As the show progresses, Rishabh hugs Arjun. He now understands that Arjun is Karan. He shares the same love. He goes to Mahesh to express his feelings. When Arjun held him, he said, the emotion couldn’t have been manufactured. What does he want to communicate, Mahesh queries. Rishabh informs Arjun that he is Karan. Arjun is also thought of by him as Karan.

He requests that Mahesh recognise Arjun as Karan. It is overheard by Anjali. The family is informed by Karan that he will wed Preeta and not kick anyone out of the house. He invites them to remain in their home indefinitely. If they don’t believe him, he promises, he will name Preeta the owner of his land as a way to gain their trust. The family is in disbelief. Arjun’s selfless side causes Kareena to begin thinking that he is Karan. Rakhi is delighted that everyone is beginning to embrace her faith. She hopes that Karan’s family would accept him.

Rakhi claims that Karan can never accomplish this. Arjun is not their Karan, Kareena says. Arjun is her son Karan, according to Rakhi. She is not interested in debating them. She asserts that a mother’s intuition is always correct.

Shrishti challenges her to share their emotions, saying that although Arjun appears to be a good person on the outside, on the inside he is a horrible person who will expel the family from the home and claim ownership of everything inside once he marries Preeta. As Karan overhears them, he enters the discussion. He promises that he always honours his commitments, that he would never defraud anyone, that he will marry Preeta, and that he will never ask anyone to leave the house.

He is prepared to give Preeta ownership of his property. It surprises the family. If they still find that hard to believe, he asks. He requests that his attorney prepare the papers. He urges him to give Preeta ownership of the Luthra Mansion. This makes Rakhi happy to hear.

In addition to half shares of all of his firms, Karan requests that the lawyer draught documentation transferring shares of the Luthra company to Preeta. As Anjali enters, she is startled to hear this. Preeta is instructed by him to prepare for their wedding. Anjali finds it hard to accept that Arjun is gifting Preeta the Luthra Mansion. To meet Anjali, Prithvi travels to her home.

He learns from Dadi that Anjali visited the Luthra residence. She isn’t returning his calls, so he asks her to contact Anjali. Dadi informs Anjali that he might not be needed. She tells him to wander off. He claims that he somehow needs money. To converse, Mahesh phones Rishabh.

Where was Rishabh all night? he queries. He is aware of Rishabh’s motivation for staying away. Mahesh is asked by Rishabh what transpired to him. Is he stressed, Mahesh queries. Rishabh claims to believe Arjun to be Karan. As Anjali overhears them discussing Arjun, she pauses in the hallway. Rishabh is asked by Mahesh not to repeat himself. Arjun is their Karan, according to Rishabh, who claims that he felt Karan’s touch when Arjun hugged him.

The loan shark Shambu pursues Prithvi. He runs away from the area. Goons are sent by Shambu to pursue Prithvi. When Shambu captures Prithvi, his fortune changes for the worst. Prithvi is assaulted. Shambu yells at him. By buying some time, Prithvi can pay back the loan.

If Rishabh has any evidence to back up his claims, Mahesh inquires. Rishabh claims that he was in an accident, but Prithvi saved him and tried to persuade him to turn against Arjun, saying that this is evidence that Arjun is Karan, and Prithvi wants to prevent Arjun and Preeta’s union. He reveals that the fingerprints of Arjun and Karan were identical. Is he sure, Mahesh queries.

Rishabh affirms that he is certain that their birthmarks are identical. Anjali becomes concerned. Mahesh promises to punish Karan severely and make him regret his lies. Preeta agreed to marry Arjun after learning from Rishabh that he was indeed Karan.

Mahesh explains that he believed she was sacrificing her happiness for the benefit of the family. Rishabh claims that even though she didn’t oppose Arjun, she did accept his proposal since she knew he was Karan and wanted to learn the truth. Why is Arjun keeping the truth from them, Mahesh wonders.

As Rakhi sees Preeta dressed as the bride, she becomes emotional. She is delighted that Preeta has found Karan. She desires a complete family. Shrishti is informed by Preeta that Arjun is Karan, thus they should rejoice. Shrishti desires that Arjun accept the reality.

Preeta claims that although they don’t comprehend, they would soon discover the truth. Shrishti consents to support Preeta’s choice. Anjali finds out that Prithvi has returned home. To borrow money from his friend, Prithvi tries. Anjali confronts Prithvi over the phone. Rishabh now thinks Arjun is Karan, she says. She is asked to respect her boundaries.

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