Faltu 17th March Written Episode Update

Tanisha declares at the beginning of the episode, “Dadi instructed us to perform the Rudra abhishek collectively on Maha Shivratri. I would keep a fast to have you as my spouse in every birth.” I have things to do in the office, Ayaan says, and I’ll be late. Faltu is tasked by Dadi with recording the puja items.

Faltu remembers what Ayaan said. Suhaagans will keep fast, according to Dadi; you must put in the effort. Faltu believes I’ll observe the fast as well. She moves and runs into Ayaan. The phone drops. He takes up the phone. He claims that I am already late. He departs. Tanisha tells Sid every detail. She claims that while she is confident Faltu will maintain her fast, she must be broken by doing anything.

Dadi and everyone others are shocked to find Faltu working by herself. Faltu, according to Pandit, finished the decorations before I arrived, and she also assisted me in the puja. He gives Faltu the blessing to get the boy she wants. Dadi affirms that if she is good, he ought to be too. Faltu commands, “Do the pooja; I also made the bhog.” Savita claims that I was come to succeed. Dadi begs her not to lose her cool. She claims that I told her to complete all the work. Faltu believes I kept a fast as well.

Dadi and Kumkum laud the decorations. Dadi gives Faltu kudos. Tanisha becomes upset. Mom performs the pooja. She requests that the pandit arrive for Rudra abhishek on time. Sid claims Tanu kept a fast for Ayaan, but she doubts Faltu did as well. Tanu will allegedly attempt to break Faltu’s fast, therefore we must defend it. Let them do whatever they want, says Sumitra.

He outlines his strategy. He claims that Faltu would maintain the fast because she views Ayaan as her spouse and has filled the sindoor with his name. He continues, “We must safeguard her fast to maintain the love fire so Bholenath can bless them.” He gets her thanks. He advises you to keep an eye on Faltu and to be vigilant. Don’t worry, she adds; I’ll take care of everything. Tanisha brings Faltu’s dinner. I’ll have it later, according to Faltu. Dadi requests that she take it. Was it a fast day for you? Tanisha queries. I’ll feed you the food, she says. Sumitra shows up. When she notices this, she invites Faltu to go with her.

Tanisha believes you observed a fast; I must now break it. Faltu claims that Tanisha will find a method to feed me. As she prays. To conceal the food, she takes it. Dadi is brought there by Tanisha, who wants her to inform Faltu to eat. Dadi requests that Faltu eat. Faltu frets. She claims I ate the meal. You would have thrown the meal, according to Tanisha. Why would she do this, Dadi wonders.

Faltu claims I had the food because I was hungry. Tanisha is invited by Dadi. Faltu remembered concealing the food. She feels woozy. Kanika and Tanisha converse. She claims that Faltu may have become afraid and decided not to take a chance, which is why she broke her fast. Kanika confirms that she would have claimed to have kept the fast in order to find a decent partner.

Yes, Tanisha says, “I’m terrified.” Don’t worry, Kanika replies; I made plans to send Faltu to the academy. Tanisha claims that I’m woozy. According to Kanika, Dadi and all the women are severe about the fast and demand that you eat. No, I don’t want to give them a chance to speak, adds Tanisha. Have some munchies, advises Kanika.

According to Tanisha, I’ll have chocolates. Kanika hangs up the phone. Tanisha considers her options: should she break her fast or not? She decides to exercise some restraint. She feels woozy. She claims that everyone will be pleased with my fasting success. The candy is consumed by her. Faltu passes out. As Ayaan arrives, she is held. Tanisha notices them.

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