Faltu 19th March Written Episode Update

Faltu declares at the beginning of the episode, “I’m not blessed to find love.” Suhana speaks to her fans before leaving. Seeing a crimson balloon, Faltu. She believes I’ll give Ayaan something he’ll like as well. Sid penned a letter. Sumitra shows up. You scare me, he claims. What are you doing, she queries.

He claims that I gave Tanu a Valentine’s gift. She claims that you are overlooking the fact that Tanu is Ayaan’s wife, not your own, and that if anyone finds out, they will beat you up and kick you out of the house. You put on a lot of drama, he claims. As he closes the door, He claims that Tanu is Ayaan’s wife. When Ayaan realises that Faltu is his first wife, he will consider Tanu to be his wife.

In the meantime, I will hold Tanu’s hand till he returns. Will you tell Ayaan everything today, she inquires. He ponders. Faltu tries to avoid Savita. Savita reports that Kumkum and I would be visiting a market to buy presents for our spouses. Dadi grinned and said, “You two aren’t elderly, and neither am I.” You are the youngest, according to Savita, and we shall be late. Dadi queries why Sumitra isn’t accompanying you. We asked, but according to Kumkum, she has other plans. Dadi asks them to take pleasure.

Savita leaving is wonderful news in Faltu’s eyes because I can handle the kitchen with ease. Faltu asks, “How should I prepare Ayaan’s favourite pasta?” She prepares the pasta after seeing a recipe video. She gives it a try and enjoys it. Sid is awaiting Tanisha. Just take a peek at this party, according to Suhana, to see how well Ayaan executes everything. Faltu arrives. Tanisha is surprised when Ayaan brings her there. Wow, Ayaan, you did this for me, this is so nice, says Tanisha.

He receives a costly watch from Tanisha. Kinshuk inquires as to the source of your limited-edition watch. It’s my favourite watch, Ayaan says. Where did you get it? Tanisha claims I only needed to make a few calls to obtain it. I adore it, he claims. She forces him to put it on. She claims, “Ayaan, my darling, I would give anything in the world for you, and I don’t want to do it.” He is asked to dance by Tanisha. On Raabta, they dance. Faltu envisions a future with Ayaan. She sobs and feels sad. She goes. Ayaan observes. You both need to leave; this is your last dance as a couple, Sid snaps indignantly.

Faltu notices her inner self, who cautions her to remember her bounds. She claims that I have no desire to form bonds with them. You can say that, but I am your inner voice, and I know you don’t want Ayaan’s hatred, her inner self tells her. Faltu covers her ears while sobbing. Looking for Faltu is Ayaan. He claims that she would have gone to set up a trap. If you’re searching for Faltu, Sid approaches and asks. Why would I look for her, Ayaan queries? I assumed as much because Sid claims that only Faltu can comprehend you after you left the party and came here. Tanisha shows up.

Sid claims that we were just speaking. Tanisha has done a lot for me, therefore even if Ayaan believes she is my life partner, I will accept her fully today. Tanisha invites you to the dance. I have a surprise for you, Ayaan adds, so will you follow me inside the room. I didn’t realise you were that romantic, adds Tanisha. The move. Sid asserts, “I must act right away; I can’t wait much longer.”

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