Faltu 20 March Written Episode Update

Ayaan declares at the beginning of the episode that Faltu uses Sindoor as a toy and plays with people’s lives. Tanisha says, “It was my sindoor that fell down. Come, I’ll clean this up.” He leaves. She reprimands Faltu. Faltu claims that I only want for his safety and that ever since he had an accident, I have odd ideas. Tanisha claims that he is her spouse; thus, I deny you the right to use the sindoor of my husband’s name on her.

G She claims that I cannot believe Tanisha’s word. When were you going to tell me about this, Sid queries. I believe you are Faltu’s friend, not mine, says Tanisha. He asks what I did, and I reply that I explained why I was making lunch because I wanted to support you. She claims, “I’m not a kid, I get it; you’re hiding something from me, which means you covertly assisted Faltu.

Do you like her? Did she also set you up?” He chuckles and says, “What nonsense, you’re comparing me to Faltu, I do have some sense, and my eyes are on someone else. She is sincere in her inquiry. You, he says. What do you mean, she queries. He claims, “I can’t lose my best buddy, your happiness matters to me, believe me, I’m helping myself too, I’m doing my level best, you’re hiding things from me, I didn’t anticipate this from you,” and “You are helping yourself also, I’m trying my level best.” Tanisha apologises and promises to tell you everything the next time because her mother asked her not to tell anyone. Sid says it’s all right.

He believes you have hidden it before, which suggests you will do it again. I must make my next move now. Answering a call is Ayaan. The man claims to have knowledge of what transpired at the temple that evening, including who put sindoor on Faltu’s maang. You are who? Ayaan queries. The man says, “I’m your friend. You need to wait for my next call if you want to learn about this information.” Who might this be, Ayaan asks. Sid cuts off the call. Wow, my son is very talented, says Sumitra.

Sid claims that while I have talent, the fun is in gradually revealing the truth. She claims I concur. They beam. Tanisha asks Ayaan what happened because you appear upset. Ayaan claims that I received a call from an unidentified man who claimed to be familiar with the Faltu-sindoor incident that occurred in the temple. Who did it, she wonders. He replies, “I don’t know, Pappi. Who could it be?” She frets. Sid queries what transpired. She claims that I am not allowed to reveal this information to anybody else since Ayaan, who she does not know, claimed to know who had applied sindoor to Faltu.

Since we both know this, she asks, who is Ayaan to call? No, you’re doubting me once more, terrific, he replies. No, that might be Pappi, she replies. No, he argues, that can’t be Pappi; perhaps the individual intends to extort Ayaan. I don’t believe her because she is betraying us when she suggests that perhaps Faltu was responsible.

She understands Kinshuk’s message and inquires as to why he is phoning. Ayaan requests Kinshuk’s input. Kinshuk explains his issue. He claims that Ayesha should have spent Valentine’s Day with me but instead she left with her folks. Stop sobbing and go give her a surprise, advises Ayaan. Aunty Ji has sent ice cream for you all, according to Faltu. Thanks, Kinshuk. Turning aside, Ayaan. They get ice cream from Faltu. Give me some advice on how to make tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day special, Kinshuk says. Just have fun, urges Sid.

uninteresting, says Kinshuk. Suhana claims that his parties are never monotonous and that now that Sid and I are single, we are completely insane. Tanisha and I are going to make this day special for each other because Ayaan claims it’s our first legitimate Valentine’s Day. Ayaan will then organise the celebration for Tanisha and us, according to Kinshuk. Okay, says Ayaan. Sid believes that I will offer you the genuine gift—the wissen of Faltu. Kanika queries who or what may call Ayaan.

Tanisha claims that I have my doubts about Faltu. Kanika is correct; she is capable of anything. The servant requests Faltu’s assistance in blowing up the balloons. Kanika has an insight. She claims that the strategy is succeeding since Ayaan is growing hostile towards Faltu and he is getting close to you. Tanisha claims that he is acting in this way to make Faltu envious rather than because he truly loves me; therefore, I am unable to determine whether his hatred for me is real.

Faltu remembers what Ayaan said. Suhana inquires about her boyfriend, the man she adores. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. How could he love her, Kanika wonders. Tanisha claims that the animosity is unfounded and that she is fabricating this story at our request. She is urged not to worry by Kanika. Faltu beams. Your blushing, according to Suhana, indicates that someone is about.

Tanisha deems it favourable. I will reveal Faltu’s true status and declare my love to Ayaan in front of her, and I will give Ayaan a pricey gift in order to destroy his love for her and expose her as a liar, according to what Ayaan instructed me. Faltu claims that he solely loves cricket. Suhana queries, “Didn’t you ever love?” No, says Faltu. Suhana responds, “Well, did you get proposed to in the village.” Faltu responds that no, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the community and that if there is love, it should be shown every day. Suhana asserts that it appears flattering when someone makes you feel special on a certain day since you have never experienced love.

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