Kundali Bhagya 20 March 2023 Written Update

major turn Kritika questions the cops about their lateness. Inspector claimed that Priyanka distracted him. She says she doesn’t know who Priyanka is. She asks him to come and arrest the goons. Preeta goes down to the basement and retrieves the medicine container.

It brings back the distressing memories. Preeta checks the room and discovers it to be locked. Prithvi and Shambu hide from her. once Karan locates Preeta. She wonders about his health. He says he is superior. She says she came to bring him some medicine. He asserts that he came to deliver Preeta the legal documents and that he had granted her ownership of the Luthra Mansion and his business, as he had promised her.

He asks her to also tell Shrishti about this. He sends Preeta an invitation to the wedding. She says she’ll go get him some medicine. Karan offers her help.

Mahesh is curious to find out who helped the thugs. The thugs keep Anjali’s identity a secret. Rishabh queries Mahesh over any remarks made by the bullies. Mahesh alleges they are not being truthful.

The police have the goons in custody. The inspector requests that the wedding proceed. He makes a commitment to not allowing any impediments to appear again. Anjali is afraid of confronting Arjun if the truth is revealed.

Will Karan learn the truth about Anjali? When Prithvi finds out that Preeta has bought the entire land from Arjun Suryavanshi, will he hatch another scheme against her? How will the Luthras overcome the wickedness of Prithvi and Anjali? To find out the significant turns that will come before the new jump, keep reading.

Preeta and Karan enter the chamber in the basement. In the shadows, Prithvi and Shambu remain hidden. She states that she wants to locate Karan’s medications. Karan assists her. Prithvi is afraid of being found out. Preeta collapses. She is taken into Karan’s arms.

They both have a romantic exchange that Prithvi witnesses. Shambu doesn’t know what Prithvi is up to. Prithvi becomes irate. Shambu spills the pot. Prithvi worries of being discovered. He hides himself. Preeta speculates that the noise might be rats. Why would she put medications in the basement, Karan queries. She obtains the necessary medications.

They close the door and walk out. When Rakhi doesn’t notice Karan and Preeta in the room, she becomes anxious for a long. Preeta and Karan arrive. Rakhi’s anxiety is questioned by Karan. She clings to him while crying. She expresses her deep love for him and her inability to risk losing him. He assures her that he won’t leave her.

She explains that because she is his mother, she can never again lose him. She appreciates him referring to her as his mother. For the wedding, Shrishti purchases a sherwani. Karan is asked by Rakhi to get ready. Preeta is invited to go with her. Preeta turns to leave but is stopped by Karan. Preeta converses briefly. She and Shrishti depart together. She informs Shrishti that Arjun has given her a place on his land.

When Shrishti examines the property transfer documentation, she is astounded. She doesn’t want to think Arjun is guilty. Arjun is identified by her as Karan. Rakhi affirms her conviction that everyone would accept Karan. According to Shrishti, Arjun named everything in honour of Preeta since he adores her so much. Anjali hears them and becomes angry.

Karan is blessed with Rakhi. Shambu is informed by Prithvi that they were imprisoned inside the basement. He laments not having attained the status of crorepati. He longs to have married Preeta. If he doesn’t love his wife Sherlyn, Shambu questions him. Prithvi claims to have gone bankrupt because he loves Sherlyn so much. He longs to wed Preeta and devote his entire life to her. The police enter the subterranean space. Prithvi and Shambu make an effort to elude the cops. Shambu is putting Prithvi in a lot of difficulty.

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