GHKKPM 16th March 2023 Written Update

When the episode opens, Ajay Kamble is watching Vinayak. The game of Thief and Police is played by Savi and Vinayak. When Sai sees Vinayak, she is thrilled to think of the time he saved her. Savi is stopped by Vinayak, who then fills the pichkari with water.

Vinayak is approached by Ajay, who introduces himself as Dj. If he requires one more electrical connection, he tells Vinayak. Vinayak advises him to get it from the restroom. He shows him around. Ajay makes an attempt to abduct Vinayak but gives up when he sees Sai emerge from the restroom.

Sai approaches Vinayak and requests that he consume Puran poli after announcing his hunger to Savi. Vinayak declined it. Sai tries to colour him and wishes him a merry Holi. Before she paints him, Vinayak wishes her a nice Holi and departs. Sai is depressed.

Bhavani observes Sai’s sadness. Bhavani is informed by Sonali that reporters visited her. Sonali is asked by Bhavani to rally the media behind Sai. As the media arrives, they question Bhavani about why they finally organised Holi. It’s a festive celebration, according to Bhavani.

Sai is prompted to respond. The media queries who Sai is. They learn through Bhavani that Sai is Virat’s ex-wife and still lives with him. She requests that the media attendees enjoy the party. Bhavani is urged by Sai to stay out of her plot.

Bhavani is unable to understand her, Sonali explains to her. Bhavani asserts that she won’t give up trying to save Virat’s relationship with Sai. Pakhi notices it. After asking Sai to set up the drinks for the party, Bhavani exits after seeing her. Pakhi becomes enraged with Bhavani and considers humiliating both Bhavani and Sai.

After that, Dj Kolte organises a dance off between the kids. Speaker is the reward Vinayak receives for winning the tournament. Ajay remembers setting up a bomb in the speaker. After serving everyone, Mohit spikes the Tandai and informs Karishma that it is bhang.

Taking Tandai is Sai. Before drinking it, Savi takes Sai. Sai sets it down on the table and accompanies Savi. Together with Bangh, Pakhi refills her drink. Sai comes back and consumes it. Before she notices him, Ajay Kamble puts ash on Sai’s face and wishes him a good Holi.

There, Virat shows up. Sai is placed in handcuffs by Virat, who claims she is being arrested for failing to provide her husband holi. Sai queries his sanity and clarifies his definition of “spouse” for him. Come, says Virat, as we are a couple and parents to our children.

Sai asks if he’s drunk, but he doesn’t listen and drags Sai along. Everyone looks at in disbelief. What happened to Virat is revealed by Ashwini. Virat might mistakenly think that Bhang is Tandai, according to Sonali. Virat was found to have consumed bhang.

When Pakhi sees Virat and Sai, she is astonished. She believes that Sai drank the bhang, but Virat actually consumed it and engaged in tamasha. Virat is asked to leave Sai alone. Virat claims he won’t leave her because they are related through seven births.

Episode is over.

Virat daubs red paint on Sai’s face in the precap. Pakhi and Ashwini disagree with it. He leads Sai inside the residence. Sonali claims that Virat filled the mang with colour and that he is now performing grihpravesh with Sai. Pakhi is unhappy.

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