Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein 22th February 2023 Written Update

Bhavani asks Savi not to tell anyone about the truth she is about to share at the beginning of the episode. No, Savi responds; I must tell Mom everything since I can’t keep it a secret. If it’s okay with you, Bhavani continues, I won’t tell you who your biological father is. Whether she actually tells her about her father, Savi queries. Bhavani agrees, but you must pledge not to tell your mother about this. Members of Virat’s team take him to the hospital. Dr. Sheetal queries the nature of the issue. According to the constable, Virat sir has pain in his left side and has previously been shot.

Whether he is taking any medications, Sheetal inquires. Yes, says Virat. He cannot recall the name. Sai appears, claims to know, and informs Sheetal that she will take care of the situation. Sheetal concurs.

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Mein Written Update

Savi claims that she is curious about her father. Bhavani is given her word that she won’t tell anyone. She inquires about the name of her real father. Virat Chavan is your biological father, according to Bhavani. He is her adopted father, Chavi grins. Bhavani claims that since you don’t believe, I’ll provide evidence. She displays the couple’s wedding photo. Virat and Sai.

Why are Sai and Virat apart, Savi wonders. Bhavani claims that because of the fight and separation between your parents, they were unable to tell you or Vinayak anything. She claims that Sai, Virat, you, and Vinayak form a single family. Savi is filled with joy and awe. You are Virat Chavan’s daughter, Bhavani claims, so bring your mother and settle your parent-child disputes at Chavan’s residence. She requests that Savi consider the best way to bring her mother to Chavan’s home in order to reconcile them. Savi concurs. Bhavani requests that she keep their secret between them private. Savi concurs, and Bhavani departs.

Virat receives medicine from Sai. If he still recalls taking his medication, Virat queries. Sai claims that the doctor is very mindful of her patients’ medications. He is asked to open his buttons so she can examine them. She then examines him. In Sai, Virat is lost. Sai inquires as to why he neglected to take care of himself and warns that if he too forgets the name of his medication, she won’t be coming everywhere to check on him. Why does she act as if he is ill, Virat wonders. When you get to Mumbai, Sai advises that you take good care of yourself because four people purchased you here and you’re getting older. As per Virat, he turned down the offer.

Why did he quit the promotion, Sai queries. Virat claims that he and Vinayak are unable to leave her. After realising what he said, he retracts it. Sai appreciates Virat’s assistance. She queries, “Have you spoken to Vinu? How are you?” Virat tells Sai that he is OK and comments on Vinu’s actions. As the senior doctor arrives, he queries Sai about her presence. Sai claims she gets a call about an emergency. The doctor claims that there is no emergency at the hospital and that the call appears to be a hoax.

Usha asks Savi what she is doing when she gets home. Savi claims to be updating her name board. She stays inside after Usha requests that she stay inside. As Sai gets home, he invites Savi to consume the chocolates she bought. Savi says I can’t eat it because I promised you I wouldn’t till I out who its biological father was. Have you located your actual dad, Sai asks Savi? Yes, according to Savi, I now know who my biological father is. Who is he, Sai queries? I’m drawing Savi’s name, he claims. Sai understands why she changed her name to Chvan.

Savi claims it is my last name. They’re Joshi, according to Sai. Savi claims, “I am aware of the truth, and I have discovered that Virat is not my adopted father, but rather my real father, Virat Chavan.” Sai reacts with shock.

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