Imlie 22th February 2023 Written Update

Imlieu February 22, 2023 Written Update: Written Update for Imli In the opening scene of the Imlie 22nd February 2023 episode, Atharva is distraught and alarmed to see Imlie lying asleep on the hospital bed.

He screams and sobs, imploring God to perform a miracle, saying that he gave her permission to leave the house but not to leave this planet.

Imlie Written Update

Shivani, Kia, and Chini then make their way to the hospital, where Kia is displeased to see Imlie. Shivani makes it clear that while neither she nor anybody else likes Imlie, they must go see her because she is in a serious state.

Chini murmurs to Kia that Imlie might have purchased a one-way ticket this time, implying that given how badly she was injured, she will undoubtedly pass away. Yet, Chini visits Imlie while seeming as though she cares about her.

Finally, a wardman from inside the hospital appears and informs Atharva that the doctor will be running late for Imlie since he has a meeting. Atharva becomes enraged by this and bursts into the doctor’s cabin.

Atharva calms himself and apologises to the doctor, who then clarifies that all of the patients are equal to him by stating that the patient he is presently seeing is someone’s mother.

The doctor reassures him that Imlie has already received treatment and all that is left to do is wait for Imlie to awaken. hivani and others visit Atharva and work together to sustain it. Atharva is urged by Rudra to continue believing in God since he will undoubtedly provide for them.

They are all still there in the evening, and Chini doesn’t like seeing Atharva cry for Imlie. Rudra begs Atharva to remain calm because he and Imlie are ultimately splitting up.

He holds himself responsible for Imlie’s predicament, but Rudra explains that there are other sentiments between Atharva and Imlie besides friendship. He dismisses it nevertheless and leaves. Imlie eventually regains consciousness, but despite this, she leaves the chamber on her own to meet them.

Imlie apologises for causing them all to worry so much as they all break down in tears. Surprisingly, Imlie announces that she must return home to finish the last of the wedding ceremony procedures for her and Atharva. Imlie is asked to rest in Atharva’s chamber because she is aware that her mental state is not good.

The doctor tells them about Imlie’s short-term memory loss when Rudra inquires about him. Atharva observes Imlie outside the doctor’s room as she requests to do their wedding rites at home while she is dressed like a newlywed.

Imlie asks Atharva to accompany her as they enter their home because she can’t recall her entry rite. As they enter the house together, their eyes are locked passionately, the Bollywood song “Mujhe rehna hai saath” can be heard in the background.

Imlie inquires as to why the decorations created for her wedding have been taken down, and she then requests that everyone else be ready to finish the remaining ceremonies. Chini looks at Imlie while wearing a frustrated expression.

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