Pandya Store 22th February 2023 Written Update

22 February 2023 Pandya Store Written Update: Written Update for Pandya Store Natasha tells Shweta she doesn’t want to stay with the wicked aunty, a.k.a. Rishita, in the opening scene of today’s Pandya Shop episode from February 22, 2023, breaking Rishita’s heart. Rishita claims that her own kid doesn’t like her, and Shweta tries to hide her smile.

Pandya Store Written Update

Dev observes Rishita’s breakdown when Mithu, Shesh, and Chiku, the boys, decide not to involve Natasha in their fun. Dhara, who overhears their speaking, advises them not to even consider it, but Natasha’s star attitude irks Chiku & Shesh. Suman is enraged when Shweta accuses Natasha of not being accustomed to living in a modest home, adding salt to their wounds.

With Shweta crouching down and diverting Natasha’s attention with her phone, Rishita orders her to leave right away because she is not required. Shiva has a flashback while relaxing on his bed in his room about the time Shweta fled with Chutki.

In his flashback, he screams Chutki’s name as Shweta carries Chutki off with her as she flees and Krish is helpless to save her. When Shweta tries to put Natasha’s luggage in Krish’s room, Rishita grabs the suitcase full of cash and hands it to her back in the living room, telling her to go away.

Rishita claims that she will sleep with her daughter, but Dhara and Gomby both aggressively request that Shweta go right away. Suman screams in terror as soon as Shweta touches her feet as she performs her act and tries to leave with Suman’s blessing.

Dhara has had enough of Shweta and shows her the door despite her acting as though she is thirsty. Shiva continues to mutter Chutki’s name while Raavi stands outside his room protecting it from Shweta. Shesh and Chiku are outside having fun when they notice Natasha on the patio.

Shesh orders Chiku to torment Natasha, but Chiku counters that they should do so covertly to avoid getting in trouble with Dhara. Shweta returns to the Pandya Nivas and declares that she doesn’t need money because she wants to be loved, but Gomby informs her that no one in this place loves her.

When Natasha inquires about Chutki, Shweta asserts that they will be unable to provide any information. Rishita maintains that Shweta is acting absurdly to ensure that Chutki does not reside with her.

When Natasha sees her go, she begins to cry and her condition gets worse, but Dhara orders her to leave because she has no claims on anyone in this house. Shweta, however, mocks everyone by bringing out a paper aeroplane and asserting that since they haven’t yet divorced, she still has rights on Krish.

Suman freaks out and declares that Shweta left her son and should go now as well, which makes Dhara afraid because she had hidden this paper in this photo album.

Insisting that the Pandyas call the police, Shweta explains that she cannot imagine life without her billionaire husband and warns them that if they do, she will tell Natasha everything and ask her if she wants to live with her true mother or the one she considers to be her mother.

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