Kundali Bhagya 11th March 2023 Written Update

Preeta is unconscious when Priyanka approaches her with the child. Anjali angrily throws water on Preeta and demands that she see what she must do due to her stubbornness. She claims that there are many men in the world, but Preeta only wants Karan. Preeta asks where her child is upon waking up. Anjali is unmoved and sits down to explain that she is one of those people who look good when they are crying.

Pre Preeta becomes enraged when Anjali questions why she believes she kidnapped the child. Preeta responds that Karan does not love her and is not planning to wed her. Anjali then questions whether she truly believes that all couples fall in love before getting married, but that it is possible for it to happen after their wedding.

When Preeta asks the Pandit jee if he is aware of Anjali’s impending marriage, she responds that he is her husband and that she has even abducted her son. The Pandit is astonished, but Anjali smacks Preeta angrily in response.

The Matka King and his men cover Karan’s face with a black mask and tell him that it will only be opened once they have arrived at their destination. Shristhi slowly tries to enter the trunk of the car but she is also taken hostage. Karan wonders where the men of Anjali are when she asked him to come here.

Shristhi slowly opens the trunk but then closes it after the other car arrives. She is certainly Shristhi, the Matka King reveals, and he orders his warriors to contact Anjali because they are aware of her abilities.

Preeta responds that she will undoubtedly wed her husband when Anjali asks if she feels comfortable keeping quiet. Pandit jee asks Anjali if she believes he will arrange for her to marry Preeta’s husband, but Anjali responds that she is in control of the situation because she has given her men orders to point guns at the pandit, forcing him to sit down. She says she knew something of the sort would happen because everyone is on Preeta’s side.

Anjali responds that she is not a woman because she has never been married and cannot understand what it means to be a mother, wife, or daughter, but that she will be able to understand everything once she is married in response to Preeta’s question about what kind of a woman she is because she has abducted her son. As Anjali tells Preeta she can cry as much as she wants since she is enjoying it, she is still sobbing.

When Preeta asks the Matka King to see that Anjali is pregnant, the Matka King calls Karan into the room. Karan asks if she is crazy because he needs to go be with his son, but the Matka King points a gun at him and demands to know if he believes this is a scene from a movie. Anjali then explains that they are getting married and Karan asks how she is looking. Anjali clarifies that once Preet and his bride are married, he can depart with them.

Anjali has committed numerous crimes and ought to have passed away the day she was involved in that accident, according to Karina, who is explaining this to everyone in the Luthra Mansion. Rakhi arrives and asks Karina why she is concerned because Preeta is a truly nice girl and would be okay.

When Rishab visits Rakhi, he questions why she is concerned because they had never heard of a dead person returning, but Karan did, even though he had lost his memory. They have already spent a lot of time apart, but Rakhi agrees with Rishab that they will eventually reconcile. Rishab also promises that their family will soon be complete.

Rakhi explains that one of her brothers went out without telling them, so both of her parents have gone to bring him back. Kavya demands that they then call papa because she does not want anyone to reprimand her brother. Kavya runs up to Rishab and explains that Kritika bua is not giving her the brother and she wants to play with him. Rishab sits down and says it is nothing to worry about because she still has one of her brothers.

Kavya used to play a lot of games with Kritika, but she doesn’t anymore, so she should go back to the room, but Mahesh assures her that no one would chastise her brother, but she should play the games. Kavya, however, explains that she wants to play here. Kavya is surprised to see the inspector and inquires as to his purpose. Rishab responds that just as Kavya wants to play with her toys, so do they, and Kavya agrees to go play in her room.

Anjali responds, “Karan doesn’t know that when he came to meet me in the hospital, he accidentally touched me and that’s why she woke up. She asks what kind of love is between him and Preeta when she used to love Rishab. She says she can even share Karan with Preeta if this is what they want because she wouldn’t stop Preeta from meeting her children.

When Karan attempts to free Preeta from Anjali’s men after she has pushed and hit them aggressively, she instead sets the child just above the Agni and makes threats to toss him off if he does not agree to marry her. When Anjali explains why she can’t get the divorce papers signed because of what would happen if Preeta said that the wedding is null and void, Karan agrees that he would do anything that Anjali desires.

She then says she is happy to get married to him and forces Preeta to reluctantly sign the divorce papers. Anjali approaches Karan, who initially declines to sign the documents while staring at Preeta and states that the pen is not working. Anjali then suggests they may sign the documents after their marriage is consummated because at that point his relationship with Preeta would not be null and void.

They both try their best when Pandit jee asks them to call the mother of the bride but Anjali says that her mother is not here and she would never ask Preeta to perform the ritual, so Anjali herself starts performing it and eventually Pandit jee signsa. Shristhi slowly starts waking up while Karan is sitting with Anjali. She is shocked to see it and then stares at Preeta who is crying.

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