Rajjo 19th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Informing the family about Mannu is Difficult. Rajjo is a thug, according to Madhu. He claims that Rajjo attempted to warn him by calling Kaka, but I took her phone. Urvashi believes Pushkar has resolved all issues. Are you locating your mother, Mannu inquires? What are you saying, Maai? asks Rajjo.

Don’t cry, Mannu adds; I’ll get you some more flowers. Arjun claims that I cannot forgive Rajjo because she will be punished for what she did to Urvashi. Yes, right, responds Madhu. Chirag advises Rajjo to be heard. Chirag is asked by Kartik and Jhilmil not to say this.

The entire family is against Rajjo, Arjun claims, and she deserves punishment. I will inform the police of what Rajjo did to Urvashi. Urvashi believes that the police will learn about my kidnapping.

That game was mine. Madhu claims that if you don’t get her out of the house, this will discredit our home. No, she will be punished for her wrongdoing, and I won’t abandon her, replies Arjun. According to Urvashi, Madhu is correct. I can’t sit still, according to Arjun. What would you like to do? Madhu queries. Arjun predicts that I will treat her badly. He abruptly hangs up the phone.

Rajjo believes that my mother is making fun of me. Mannu is urged by her to refrain from making jokes. What’s the matter with you, Mannu enquires. Rajjo claims I cried when you were by yourself in the hospital, and you now hug and comfort me. Leave me, Mannu exclaims; who are you, I don’t know you.

A female observes. According to Mannu, I’ll throw a stone at you. What are you saying, Rajjo queries. The call is concluded by Arjun. I’m your Rajjo, claims Rajjo.

My universe and my mother are one. Rajjo is pushed away by Mannu. What is Arjun going to do, asks Chirag. Arjun is en route. I will, he promises. Chirag claims that you and Rajjo are connected at the heart and that your relationship won’t end. I hope he doesn’t do something bad. Rajjo implores Mannu. Leave me, cries Mannuy.

The woman observes. Mannu sobs and believes that memory loss is possible, but he also knows that because you are my heartbeat, I will never be able to forget you. Please forgive me for hurting your feelings, but because I am powerless, I must pretend to forget you in order to protect you from the evil Pushkar. She recalls Pushkar’s remarks. She claims that because his guys are encircling and watching us, I am unable to provide you any information on Pushkar.

Whoa, Mannu’s memory is gone. She can do anything to defeat me, including the act of losing memory. As a result, Pushkar says to Mannu, “I’m keeping a watch on you. My guys will be around you. Rajjo is asked to leave by Mannu. She sees the men of Pushkar. According to Pushkar, I must eject you both from this area. Mannu believes that I need to take you somewhere safe before I can give you a hug.

Mannu stomps on Rajjo. Pushkar grinned and walked away. Rajjo sobs.. Mannu walks away and sobs. She notices the woman staring at her. Rajjo wants the doctor to help her mother get better. She lost her memory after coming out of a coma, according to the doctor. Make her okay, Rajjo commands. She chastises him and tells him to go.

Pushkar returns house. He is given candy by Urvashi. He mocks her and refers to her as a coward. I got Rajjo on her knees, it was a good sight, I didn’t tell you my strategy, I understood Mannu can come out of his coma at any time, so I bought that place and transformed it into an NGO, he claims.

I don’t lose until I destroy the adversary. You have spent a lot, according to Urvashi. The crew works for me, and I want to know if Mannu lost her memory or was just acting when Pushkar says yes. Arjun trusted Pushkar and assumed Rajjo had lied. According to her, everything is in control. While enjoying some candy, he thanks her.

Rajjo claims that my mother has forgotten me, so I’ll collect her medal and remind her of the past. In search of Arjun. I’ll soon obtain the medal, she promises, and I’ll make sure to remember my mother.

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