Rajjo 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo returning home to receive Mannu’s award. She falters. Holding her hand is Arjun. Ishq di performs They get into a fight. I want to discuss right now, he claims. Not now, she says.

Right now, he adds, “I want to know how much you believe me,” adding that you must sign a document without his asking any questions and that he is not robbing you.

She notarizes the paperwork. This is an annulment document, our marriage is now nullified, and I can now marry Urvashi and make her my wife, he claims. You had something that you stole from me, but I now have it back. Your sign has given me back my freedom.

You have also been putting up with this agony for a while. Rajjo sobs.. You are connecting with Urvashi, my prayers didn’t work for you, I can’t congratulate you, you will be ruined after marrying Urvashi, whatever I did, it was on your saying, I proved that I just trust you, but you always choose wrong over right, fine, go and move on in your life, I did a lot for you, I will also move on in my life.

After you marry her, you will understand this, and I hope the best for you. It will be a lovely sight to see my marriage, don’t cry, you have to dance in my baraat, will you dance or not, don’t anger me, he adds. You stay here for a few more days, watch my marriage to Urvashi take place, and then you may leave.

I don’t care if you wed Urvashi or not, let me visit my mother, she says. He claims that she is completely well and not ill. I have to remind her of everything since she claims she lost her memory. It’s a new lie, he claims. He snags her. Leave me alone, she cries. He claims that until you see my bride, I won’t let you leave. She advises me to visit my mother. He chastises her for the fuss. He claims that I care about everyone.

She is led outdoors by him. Rajjo, according to Jhilmil, is an issue. Arjun comforts Urvashi while instructing Madhu to make his sehra. He claims that I will wed Urvashi.

Chirag claims that it is impossible. It’s not as simple as Madhu claims. Then, according to Pushkar, we would have expelled this girl. Rajjo won’t act right away, claims Arjun; instead, she’ll turn into my marriage’s baraati. Madhu queries what you did.

Arjun claims that because I took advantage of her frailties and outwitted her in her game, I am now free to wed Urvashi. Rajjo has signed these annulment papers. Urvashi tells him she’s thrilled and gives him a hug. Jhilmil gives Madhu hugs and congrats her.

They joyfully dance. Arjun is asked by Madhu to get rid of Rajjo. Jhilmil claims she caused us a lot of trouble. Rajjo is a human, not a football to be kicked out, according to Chirag. According to Pushkar, everyone is angry with this girl.

According to Chirag, I’ll stop them till I can breathe again. Chirag is tasked with speaking clearly to Pushkar. Chirag challenges. Arjun will eject Rajjo, according to Urvashi. Arjun does not want me to leave, according to Rajjo. She requests that they all be informed that he wishes to keep her near. What? asks Urvashi. What is Rajjo saying, Madhu inquires of Arjun. Is she being made out to?, Pushkar queries. No, I won’t force her out of this house, responds Arjun.

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