Rajjo 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Arjun is asked by Pushkar what he wants to do. Arjun claims that Rajjo has no choice but to accept the fact that he would soon wed Urvashi. Pushkar demands that the situation be resolved immediately.

Indeed, he is correct, says Madhu. Chirag queries Arjun about his desire to divorce from Rajjo, questioning why he is creating a problem now that he has legal authority.

She insulted me and my family, according to Arjun, and I shall meet her right away. According to Urvashi, Arjun will get what he wants. Pushkar considers her current thoughts.

In Urvashi’s words, Arjun ought to exact revenge on Rajjo because his marriage requires a maid who would also serve as his personal maid. He believes she would rather do anything else. She will be my wife’s personal maid, according to Arjun. I will let my parents know about the marriage, according to Urvashi. She leaves. Arjun claims that I shall also get ready for the nuptials.

Madhu requests that everyone begin working. What’s the point of all this turmoil, says Pushkar, I can keep an eye on Mannu if Rajjo stays here. I’ll tell mum and dad some excellent news, according to Urvashi. Pushkar shows up and inquires about the drama, saying that Arjun should have been made to expose Rajjo.

She tells me that you are being dumb since Rajjo is difficult to trick, but since I made her my slave, I will keep an eye on her. He encourages her to be cautious about Rajjo and issues a warning. With a nod. He departs.

I don’t know why you’re doing this, Rajjo replies; give me a moment to visit Mannu; I’ll have her admitted to the hospital and then call you. He rejects. She promises that I will return. No, he says; stay with Urvashi. I won’t, she claims. He claims that you stole three lakhs from me and that there is nothing you can do but repay the money immediately. She predicts I’ll visit my mother.

He claims that leaving will prevent you from seeing her and that staying will save you from experiencing the consequences of your error. He leaves. He sobs and claims that you have greatly altered and damaged him. She sobs.

He claims that I shall wed Urvashi and that your name will be completely forgotten. Kaka receives a call from Rajjo asking to join Mannu. She cries out, “Pardon me, mom,” and lies there. Chirag regrets seeing her.

Why is she crying, and is she hurt? Sia queries. When he answers yes, her heart is deeply wounded. Then comfort her, she says. He claims that Arjun would wed Urvashi. I don’t want Urvashi, she says, but Rajjo is the greatest. He claims that Arjun is not comprehending. She advises giving an explanation or chastising him for making Rajjo weep. She hugs Rajjo and comforts him.

Mannu meets Pushkar. Do you want some assistance, she asks. He decides to watch her carefully. He claims that you are not referring to me as your love. She enquires about Manorama. Do not act, he commands. He grips her. I don’t know you, leave, she says. She appears ill and leaves.

Manorama, he yells. She halts. My foot, she claims, has been injured. He wonders if the stone caused her to halt. She regards you as a huge fool in my presence. She leaves. He requests that the staff keep an eye on Mannu because she is preparing to hurt him. He remarks that while Rajjo’s absence is beneficial, I must treat Mannu in order to cure her.

When Urvashi notices her bridal lehenga, she beams. She starts bothering her and calls Rajjo there. Rajjo uses her bridal dupatta to scrub Urvashi’s feet. Urvashi becomes irate. Rajjo says I’ll use the scrubber to clean your feet. Leave me, says Urvashi.

She requests that she go. Arjun appears. Urvashi grumbles. He chastises Rajjo. You want me to touch her feet, she claims. He says yes, do as Urvashi tells you. Injuring Urvashi’s legs is Rajjo. I’m massaging your legs, she says, according to her. She believes Arjun ought to reveal Urvashi’s reality.

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