Rajjo 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Rajjo is told by Urvashi to get the curd. As she leaves, Kalindi explains that she was spared and that she was unable to confront Rajjo since she had trapped him to protect herself.

Rajjo claims that Kalindi betrayed me when I needed her the most, but that she wasn’t always this way and that she was hiding something as a result.

yet what. Madhu claims that she told Gurumaa everything and that she will announce the date. Jhilmil thinks it’s fine. They each give Gurumaa honour. According to Madhu, I asked her to visit and bless Arjun. Jhilmil claims I want to invest a lot of money on Arjun’s nuptials. Madhu claims that we were also frugal the prior time.

This time, since Rajjo ruined everything, we will be responsible for all costs on both sides. It’s nice that Urvashi’s parents won’t be burdened, says Jhilmil. Indeed, they are welcome to simply come and bless the couple; we will continue the festivities here, says Madhu.

When Kalindi hears this, she declares that Urvashi’s fate is excellent and that her complaint against Rajjo is useless.

The family believes they have accomplished a great deal, so Chirag says he would show them his efforts when he gets there. Gurumaa offers Madhu the date over the phone. Madhu beams. Rajjo observes Urvashi dozing off in the night. He is stopped by her. Don’t try to imitate Urvashi, he advises. She responds, “No way, Urvashi has fallen asleep. Is there any command?” I had asked.

He surrounds her. I followed your instructions, I didn’t go to meet my mother, I became Urvashi’s slave, I’m tired, let me go, she says. Don’t act worn out, he continues; I know your true capabilities. What should I do now, she wonders. He commands that I sit here quietly like a watchman and be with Urvashi as her personal assistant.

He worries as he goes to his room. She sobs. I’m toot ke hum dono. plays… She passes out. When Arjun arrives, he awakens her. She knocks him over. He tells her he is watching her before leaving. Morning calls from Kaka to Rajjo. Did mom recall everything, she queries. Mannu isn’t here, according to Kaka. She queries what.

She queries her whereabouts. She is not present, he claims, so where has she gone? She says that aside from us, you should stay put because I’m coming. Rajjo is stopped from leaving by Urvashi. They start squabbling and fighting. Arjun prevents them. Everyone observes.

When Chirag gets home, he tells Rajjo… He brings Manorama back home. Rajjo embraces her. Asked about it by Arjun, Chirag. Chirag claims I won’t reply. Madhu urges him to explain what all of this means and why he is emerging as a hero.

He claims that when I become a person, you will follow suit. ‘Talk with respect,’ advises Jhilmil. ‘Tell me how you got her. Chirag claims that she and her daughter will remain here because Arjun had prevented their meeting. She is alright, Arjun says; don’t follow their strategy.

Chirag challenges them and demands that they also make Manorama their servant. Pushkar is informed by the man that Chirag paid the debts and left Manorama behind. He claims that Chirag threatened to call the police when I tried to reach you.

Pushkar gets agitated and says what’s happening to Thakur lads, they got mad, I can’t let this happen. Kalindi is anxious. Rajjo claims that you are truly an angel for him and that he would try harder and remember his favour.

Manorama thanks Chirag and says you got me home and provided me work, I will perform the work and not give you a chance to complain. Chirag says that’s good; go rest. He requests that Rajjo bring Manorama upstairs.

Thanks to Chirag for getting me here, Pushkar can no longer keep an eye on me, and taking my daughter with me will be simple, Manorama muses. Rajjo asks to come to our former room where we will be. Arjun hurls a vase in rage. juda kyu tujhse… plays… Arjun adjourns.

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