Rajjo 20 March 2023 Written Episode Update

Urvashi and Kalindi are at odds. Instead of Rajjo, Urvashi blackmails her and begs her to stand with her. Kalindi begs her and promises to follow her instructions. You should write Rajjo’s name on these papers secretly, Urvashi commands. I’ll be ready with my fake wounds makeup, she adds. End of FB.

Kalindi is prompted to speak by Chirag. Kalindi is prompted to be honest by Rajjo. Kalindi reprimands her. She claims that because Urvashi comes from a wealthy family and won’t steal from Arjun, you are crazy to believe that I would support you. Rajjo sobs..

Are you finished now? Arjun queries. Rajjo replies, “No, come to the police station with me. Yes, Chirag advises, contact the cops. Madhu claims that since she turned this family into a drama-filled setting, the cops won’t bother coming. Arjun reprimands Rajjo.

He challenges Chirag to observe how dishonest Rajjo is. Was your violent mother also involved, or was it just Vicky?

She begs him to avoid disparaging her mother in any way. What will you do, he inquires? He claims that because I adore my mother so much, I respect all mothers. Your mother is awful, according to him. My mother taught me that mothers can never do wrong.

Rajjo grabs his collar and commands him to stop talking. She says that my mother is better than your mother and how could you say that she is my life. Make this girl leave this house, advises Madhu. Enough, says Chirag.

Arjun says don’t touch my collar ever. He becomes irate. I believed her when she stated her mother was in a coma and her mother was buying jewellery, he claims. What are you saying, she queries. I have personally seen her, he claims, so stop lying. She claims you are mistaken.

He claims Urvashi showed Mannu to him and expresses gratitude to her for helping to open his eyes and reveal their true identity. Arjun is invited by Rajjo to follow her and discover the truth. I wish I could get rid of Urvashi, adds Kalindi.

Urvashi expresses concern and claims that if Arjun visits the hospital, he would learn that Mannu is unconscious and Pushkar is below earth. Arjun and Rajjo are en route. Are you missing Vicky, he inquires. He is told to stop talking and pay attention to her.

She describes Urvashi as a crafty woman. He tells her to stop talking. I will call Nanku, she says. No way, he says; you should let him know in advance. Chirag queries what transpired and if anything was spoken. No, nothing, I was praying, Kalindi replies. According to Arjun, your mother is at home. No, according to Rajjo, she is at the medical facility to hasten her recovery. He claims that your mother is unconscious. Yes, she answers.

He claims that you did not do enough investigation into the fact that coma patients need oxygen and care and cannot be left outside.

She claims that she was breathing when a new doctor saw her to make sure she was okay and to send me to the hospital. Arjun promises to disprove your claims. You didn’t answer my call, Kaka tells her when she calls. Is your mother okay, she queries.

She isn’t in the hospital, he claims. She queries what. She was sent to the other hospital, he claims they told him. Don’t you know how they got her, she asks. I’ll go meet the doctor, he says. She says it’s okay, I’ll get there. Is Mannu not there, Arjun queries. Rajjo claims to be at the brand-new medical facility.

He claims that the home where she was purchasing new jewellery is where your deception will now be discovered. Pushkar isn’t picking up when Urvashi calls and says as much. They arrive at the medical facility. Arjun believes that an NGO has come to this area and that the girl and her villagers are thugs.

Rajjo is asked by Arjun to see her mother. Rajjo thinks Mannu is doing well. She embraces Mannu. Arjun claims a fresh drama has just begun. A call is made to Arjun. He claims Mannu is awake. Rajjo weeps joyfully.

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