Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th March 2023 Written Update

Nayantara draws Mansi away from Samrat at the start of the episode. Mansi is questioned about why she hugged Samrat. Mansi claims to be terrified of lizards after seeing one in the restroom. There isn’t a lizard in the bathroom, claims Nayantara after inspecting it.

Samrat informs her that the lizard probably left via the window. Nayantara queries Mansi about the reason for his visit. She tells Mansi that she needed to use the restroom because the water in her bathroom was not working.

She is informed by Nayantara that this home has a large number of bathrooms. Samrat tells her to calm down because it would be unwise to prolong out the situation when Mansi is expecting. Then Nayantara departs. Mansi believes Samrat still supports her because she was his first love.

Water is indeed coming into Mansi’s bathroom, according to Nayantara. After taking a bath, Mansi exits the bathroom. Samrat is led to Mansi’s restroom by Nayantara. She admits that Mansi lied about the water not coming. She pulls open the tab, but no water appears. She claims to have seen water. She is informed by Samrat that he did not see any water.

Mansi questions Nayantara about why she is acting in this manner. According to Nayantara, she is not lying. She is urged to quit torturing Mansi by Samrat. He dials Vikas and inquires about the pipeline problem. There is a pipeline problem, and a plumber has shown up, says Vikas.

Mansi begs Nayantara to either allow her to live in peace or toss her out of the house. Samrat assures her that he believes in her. How can Samrat trust Mansi more than her, Nayantara queries. As today is Holika Dahan, Samrat advises her that they should wrap up the situation. Mansi gives Samrat thanks.

Aliya remembers Nayantara inspecting Mansi’s bathroom and telling Vikas to turn off the water to Mansi’s room.

Samrat informs Mohit outside the house that he doesn’t believe Mansi’s motivations are honourable. He reveals everything to him. He asserts that Nayantara is suffering as a result of Mansi’s involvement in everything.

Furthermore, he wants to expose Mansi, who appears to be receiving assistance. He is instructed by Mohit to immediately identify Mansi’s conspirator.

Mansi pays Vikas money for fabricating the pipeline issue before leaving. As soon as Nayantara notices, she confronts Vikas. Plumber is behind everything, says Vikas, and he is currently on the terrace. To the terrace goes Nayantara.

Aliya is told everything by Vikas. Aliya assures herself that she desired this. The water tank is checked by Nayantara. She is pushed into the water tank by Aliya, who then secures the lid. Nayantara cries out for aid.

Samrat is advised by the priest to start the Holika Dahan puja promptly. Samrat is holding out for Nayantara. He should start the pooja, Mansi advises.

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