Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th March 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Nayantara is informed by Samrat that he brought her South Indian delicacies. He claims that Chintu told him that Nayantara loves dosa and that’s why he bought so many varieties. They begin consuming food. Why didn’t he call her or send her a message, Nayantara queries of him. He shows her his phone and informs her that he has messaged her.

When she checks her phone, she sees that his number is blocked. She questions Mansi. Someone banned his phone number, he asks her. She admits that she would have made a mistake and done it. He invites you to dance. He and she dance. She requests water. He leaves to bring her some water.

Chintu and Prem are questioned by Nayantara as to their purpose in the area. She learns about Mansi from Chintu. She asserts that she is certain Mansi deleted Samrat’s phone number. She believes that until she has proof, she cannot tell Samrat about Mansi. She observes the CCTV.

She approaches the security guard and requests to view the CCTV footage. Mansi enters her room while she watches and takes her phone. She affirms that Mansi is responsible for everything, and she makes the decision to be honest with Samrat.

Opening Mansi’s chamber door is Nayantara. She questions Mansi about why she blocked Samrat’s phone number. She is asked by Mansi why she would do that. She is informed by Nayantara that she has evidence against her. She claims that because Raghav abandoned her, Mansi wants to reenter Samrat’s life. Mansi is dragged away by her.

Samrat queries Nayantara about what occurred. He is informed by Nayantara that Mansi has his phone number blocked. Samrat is informed by Mansi that Nayantara is lying. She claims that she cannot put herself under stress at this time. Nayantara claims to have evidence against Mansi.

She discusses the CCTV footage with Samrat. They approach a security officer. Nayantara requests that the security guard play back the Surveillance tape. The CCTV footage is seen, but Mansi is not present. Nayantara is curious as to how it took place.

Mansi sobs and claims she is unsure of Nayantara’s accusations against her. Additionally, it appears that Nayantara is unsure of her. Nayantara claims to have actually seen Mansi in the video. Mansi claims that stress is bad for her unborn child. Nayantara is urged by Samrat to quit blaming Mansi. Mansi was with her, so Nayantara wonders who erased the Surveillance tape.

Aliya remembers seeing Nayantara leave the security guard room. When she finds out about the surveillance footage Nayantara witnessed, she deletes it.

Later, Mansi expresses her gratitude to Aliya for deleting the CCTV recording. Thanks to her. Aliya warns her to use caution. Mansi gives her a nod. She demands that she show her Nayantara’s home.

The following day, Mansi informs Samrat that she needs to use his bathroom because the water in her room isn’t working. She has permission from Samrat. She goes inside the restroom. After a while, Mansi shouts, emerges, and gives Samrat a bear embrace. She claims that a lizard is present in the restroom. Nayantara arrives and encounters them.

Episode is over.

Nayantara discovers that Mansi bought a plumber, precap. She tumbles into the holding tank. Samrat looks through Nayantara.

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